Do you keep too many doors open?

Have you ever gathered up donations only to have them sit in your hallway or car for days, weeks, or months before getting rid of them? You had the best of intentions, you made great progress, and then you slam on the brakes.

What’s up with that? Why can’t you finish the job?

Could you be hanging on to the items “just in case?”

Maybe you’re succumbing to IMNTSS – I Might Need This Someday Syndrome.

There can be something comforting about leaving ends loose; about not seeing something through to completion. Doing so keeps doors open and gives you permission to change your mind. It also alleviates your fear of potentially making the wrong choice.

But you know what this results in? “Possibility” clutter.

A lack of follow-through on removing what stands in your way shows a lack of commitment to your future; to your dreams; to your goals; and instead, is an allegiance to maintaining the status quo.

If you say you want to take your life in a different direction but never travel down a new path, your actions don’t match your intentions and the universe is gonna call bullshit.

So why would you sabotage yourself in this way?

Well, what if you actually benefit by going round and round in circles?

Maybe there’s a payout to not dropping off those donations. Yes, really.

See if any of this rings true for you:

  • “If I don’t complete a task or project, then I don’t have to do the next thing. And that’s a good thing because that next move is scary/intimidating/overwhelming!”
  • “I’m much more comfortable living in pursuit; chasing the dream. It’s exciting. What if the finish line isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?”
  • “Striving to make a change gives me a sense of purpose. Who would I be having made the change? What purpose would I have then?”
  • “I know who I am when I am trying. I don’t know who I am when I’ve succeeded.”

These reasons are examples of what I call “the message in the mess.” They’re the core clutter underneath the surface pointing you to the stuff that really needs your attention.

Investigating the “why” behind not doing something can be very telling about what you’re really scared of, where your old beliefs are playing out, or where your operating from outdated instructions.

By keeping too many plates spinning or too many ends untied, you distract yourself from the most important work — the soul work that requires you to sometimes face uncomfortable truths or risk bigger than you ever have before.

It’s in that scary stuff that all the juicy goodness lies.

Comfortable is boring.

And stagnant.

And results in the same outcome.

If you want something different, you have to do something different. Mix it up this week!

If doing so feels scary, keep in mind that fear is often excitement in disguise. You might actually be excited!

In fact, if ever you feel a combination of fear and excitement, let that be a sign to Go For It!

So what loop will you close?

What step will you take that gets you outside of your comfort zone?

Let me know in the comments below!

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