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Thanks for popping by! I’m an intuitive life coach. I’m all about helping you navigate through big life changes and the kind of challenges that keep you up at night. Think of me as a mix between a guide, a detective, and that friend who always sees the bigger picture.

My secret sauce? I tap into my intuition to illuminate paths and possibilities that might not be immediately obvious.

So, what’s the deal?

Ever feel like you’re just treading water, not sure which way to swim? That’s where I come in. With a mix of intuition, empathy, and strategy, I help you see beyond the fog.

I get it.

For a long time, I toed the socially acceptable line. I went to college, worked a 9-5er for a bunch of years, got married, bought a house, blah, blah, blah. And while it was all good, I didn’t feel excited about life. I was relatively content, but that wasn’t enough. And I’m guessing it’s not for you either.

Together, we’ll tackle everything from career leaps or bumps in your personal life to inner growth journeys. It’s all about clearing the clutter from your head, heart, and home to find clarity and mak the right moves for you.

What’s different about working with me?

Here’s the thing—I believe in looking beneath the surface. It’s not just about sorting through what’s happening right now but really getting to the heart of why. This approach lets us uncover and tackle the root of your challenges, paving the way for genuine, lasting changes. And the best part? You’ll walk away with insights and action steps tailored just for you because this journey is all about embracing your uniqueness.

Imagine what we can discover together!

If you’re curious about what doors intuitive coaching might open for you, consider grabbing one of my Intuitive Coaching sessions here. Or, if you’d like to work together more consistently, you can read about my three-month coaching package here. If what you read there resonates, click here to set up a free initial chat to see if this could be the start of something great for you.

Check out my Courses page for resources you can dive into immediately.

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