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About Kerri

You’re tired of settling for the status quo. You want to live big. You want to feel plugged in to life; connected with a sense of purpose. You want…. more. And I don’t mean “stuff”.

In fact, it’s the “stuff” that’s part of the problem, right? Too much clutter clogging up your home. Crappy friendships draining your energy. Commitments to things you don’t care about.

How are you supposed to soar when you have so much crap on your wings?

I get it.

For a long time I towed the socially-acceptable line. I went to college, worked a 9-5er for a bunch of years, got married, bought a house, blah, blah, blah. And while it was all well and good, I didn’t feel excited about life. I was relatively content, but that wasn’t enough for me. And I’m guessing it’s not for you either.

This is what I do…

You see, the more you clear out the things you don’t love, need, or want from your life, the more space you create to attract opportunities, a great relationship, financial abundance, clarity, and a whole lot more.

And this is what I do. I challenge you to get out of your way-too-comfortable comfort zone so you can feel less afraid to go after your dream. I help you see your situation in a whole new way so you can feel empowered and ready. I hold you up when you feel shaky as you dust off old habits and outdated thinking.

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