Design Your Dream Life

$147 USD

In this 5-lesson course, I’m going to show you the exact steps to take to not only make some serious progress on leveling up your life, but also how to stop self-sabotage in its tracks. If you’re tired of feeling behind the eight ball or like everyone else knows something you don’t, let’s change that. Click to read more.

Coach in Your Pocket: The Ultimate Life Upgrade Toolkit

$97 USD

Get instant access!

12 bite-sized workshops, each around 10 minutes long, jam-packed with valuable tips and strategies to help you overcome common obstacles and skyrocket your productivity. And the best part? You can take them with you wherever you go! And each one comes with a workbook of thought-provoking and action-taking exercises to put your learning into play immediately.

Bonus: With your audio bundle purchase, you’ll get immediate access to my popular Win the Week course, too!

Procrastination Obliteration

$19 USD

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Are you ready to find out why you procrastinate and what to do about it?

In this webinar, you will uncover the motivation behind your procrastination, discover how dragging your feet is benefitting you, and what specific steps you can take to easily get the wheels in motion.

Get instant access to a one-hour recorded webinar and an action packet to help you implement your learning right away.

Win the Week: Planning for the Procrastinator

$9 USD

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In this game-changer of a course, you’ll plan like you never have before.  By squashing self sabotage and setting some rock solid boundaries, you’ll end your week with lots of wins.

This is not another planning template to add to your digital clutter. Instead, we’ll take a wholistic approach to planning that quiets that inner feet dragger and gets you to finally do all the things.

In Win the Week: Planning for the Procrastinator, you’re gonna learn some new tools to kick up your productivity BIG time.

Calling all biz owners: Marketing ideas you’ve never considered!

$47 USD

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When business dips, do you panic or prepare? The down times in your business is the perfect opportunity to focus on some energetic marketing: shoring up your systems, strategies, and mindset to more quickly welcome in the next wave of success.

Check out this 90-minute Marketing Mindset Masterclass to learn which systems, strategies, and thoughts you can tweak and strengthen to become a client magnet.

laptop screen showing the course title of Radical Decluttering

Radical Decluttering – Uncover the Stories in Your Stuff to Clear it Out!

$297 USD

Your clutter has something to tell you. In this course, learn strategies that you can use right away to overcome feelings of overwhelm. Not only will you clear physical clutter, but you’ll also learn a LOT about what your struggle really is.

Clutter to Clarity

A 10-week course that will take you beyond decluttering and organizing. Your clutter isn’t about laziness or disorganization. It’s about your mindset. It’s about your beliefs. And it’s about how they cause your behavior. Change your mindset, and you’ll change your behavior.


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