get in the flow

How to Know When You’re in the Flow

get in the flow

How often do you write off synchronistic events to coincidence? What if they’re actually signs that you’re on the right path? Might you give them more credence?

As I shared in my post last week, the more clutter you clear, the more signs you get, and the bigger your dreams become. You’ll recall that Debbie started with some bins under her bed and ended up traveling the world for 16 months!

Part of that extraordinary journey is recognizing the signs that show you you’re in a dance with the universe. You take action, the universe takes action; you make another move, and the universe responds.

This is not some airy-fairy woo woo stuff. This is the energetic exchange that is happening all the time. If the step you take supports negativity, hardship, or struggle, the universe will respond in kind. Conversely, if your action supports your goals or vision, the universe will reflect that focus.

Take Louise’s story as an example. A student in my video course, What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You, one of Louise’s goals was to make space in her life for and to gain clarity about her retirement plans. Something she dreams of doing when that time comes is to get involved with conservation work. Louise is passionate about the outdoors and nature and feels this would be right up her alley.

During one of our live video lessons when I asked the group to share a specific piece of clutter that is currently annoying them, Louise mentioned a bag that she hadn’t unpacked from a recent trip. She was stepping over it and around it, but couldn’t be bothered to empty it even though it was driving her nuts.

“Ooh, I wonder what would show up in your life if you went ahead and unpacked it,” I said.

“What do you mean?” Louise asked.

“Well, everything holds energy and right now, that bag is blocking a channel through which the universe could send you a gem or two. That gem might come in the form of a challenging task being easier to complete than expected, a surprise invitation, or any number of things. How about you unpack it and let’s see?”

Louise was intrigued (mwah ha ha, my plan worked!) and she unpacked the bag that night.

The next day she posted the following in our Facebook group:

“Wow, Kerri, you were so right with what you said on yesterday’s call about how clearing my vacation clutter would open up channels.

I’ve been thinking about how to bring some of the things/values I love from my trips and vacations (loving and being in nature, wildlife) into my day to day life (I currently work a corporate job for a bank).

While tidying last weekend, I found a note I’d written to remind myself to look into a ‘Friends of …’ organization for my local park. I did and found they were having an open meeting and I went. It turns out there are loads of opportunities to get involved, with two different wildlife organizations offering free training on things like conducting nature surveying!

So suddenly out of almost nowhere there is an opportunity for me to try out these kinds of activities with a view to gaining experience and info on whether or not this is genuinely something to plan for in the future. Plus I get to feel more connected to my community and help care for the park that is 200 yards from my house. Magic!”

Wild, right? I guess you could call it “magic” – the magic of taking action.

Not only did Louise make space for something great to come into her life, but she also received a loud and clear nod from the universe that she should definitely explore this conservation work idea.

While it feels magical, it’s important to recognize your hand in these “coincidences.” Louise may never have found that note had she not been tidying up her house or unpacking her bag.

When you write things off to coincidence, you deny the incredibly powerful role you play in how your life unfolds. You gotta give yourself more credit!

So this week, I challenge you to look for those “God winks;” those universal nods; those “coincidences.” Then think about what moves you made recently that may have invited them in.

If you’re not noticing any, the universe might be waiting for you to make your move, and all it takes is one small action to get that dance going.

Try this:

  • Choose one area of physical clutter in your home. This might be your bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, refrigerator door, or medicine cabinet.
  • Set a timer for 15, 20, or 25 minutes
  • Begin sorting your chosen area, first looking just for those items you are ready and willing to get rid of
  • Box or bag the items up and either donate, recycle, or trash them.

Now, over the next week or so, look for signs to validate the awesome space you’ve created. And that, my friend, is when you’ll know you’re in the flow.

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