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Private Coaching

In addition to my signature courses and membership community, I work with a small roster of private clients who are ready to dive deep into making some major changes in their lives.

I offer two options for coaching:

  1. Intuitive Coaching: Regularly scheduled private sessions offering consistency and accountability for those looking to make bold moves, and
  2. High Impact Strategy Sessions: One-off sessions for when you’re up against a specific challenge and need help working through it.

If you are ready to dream BIG and want some help building the foundation underneath (confidence, healthy belief system, action plans, etc), let’s talk!

Learn more below.

Master Mindset Coaching

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You’ve known for quite some time that you want more out of life.

    To others, your situation looks pretty darn good, but it’s not enough for you. You want to really live. To meet each day with excitement instead of dread. To not live for the weekends.

  • You’re ready to clear off your wings so you can fly.

    It might be doubts that your dreams could ever be reality. Maybe it’s bills and commitments that you believe have to be eliminated before you can make any moves. Or maybe it’s naysayers telling you you’re nuts.

    In fact, it might be all of the above because anything that’s getting in the way of you living your ideal life is clutter.

  • You’re more “Hell, yeah!” than you are “Yeah, but…"

    This level of coaching prompts major change in your life, but only if both partners (you and I) are willing to give it our all. Don’t worry. When you’re feeling shaky, you’ll have my belief to lean on.

The Logistics

  • Our work together is virtual — via phone or Zoom and email.
  • Private coaching includes three, 45-minute, one-on-one calls each month. Because consistency is key to coaching’s success, all calls must be held within the same 30-day period.
  • Calls can be recorded on request (with advanced notice)
  • You’ll receive a summary of each call that will include notes from our discussion and your action items for the week
  • You are welcome to email in between calls for extra support and to help keep things on track

The Investment

$2000 USD for 3-month coaching package

Schedule a complimentary discovery session to get started. *

* Please be sure to have read the information regarding coaching structure and cost prior to scheduling your call.

High Impact 1:1 Strategy Session

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, unable to quiet your mind, get clear on what steps to take next, or come up with a plan of action, then a 1:1 Strategy Session is for you.

Whether in your personal or professional life, sometimes you need an objective person to take a look at things, offer insight on what’s really tripping you up, and come up with the best moves to make.

As a mindset coach with intuitive gifts, I help people just like you get down to the heart of the matter fast. We don’t waste time getting lost in stories and drama. We focus on the goal, identify any obstacles and get. to. work.

I’ve coached thousands of people over the years to help them get clear on what’s holding them back, to identify and break down blocks that have been tripping them up, and clarify the vision they have for their lives.

As a result, the impossible becomes possible; the insurmountable, attainable.

During our 50-minute, high-impact, phone or Zoom Strategy Session, we dive deep, fast into what’s really getting in your way because I can guarantee it’s not what you think.

Because of my ability to hone in quickly, we determine where and how you’re sabotaging yourself early in the session and then get right into healing that wound. Next, we craft a clear action plan of your next steps so you’ll know exactly what to do to finally move this are of your life forward.

Upon your purchase, you’ll see:

  • A receipt with a link to schedule your private intuitive coaching session (choose the Zoom session if you’d like to have a recording or the phone link if you’d prefer no video or recording), and
  • A request on the scheduling page to provide information on the specific area you’d like to focus on and what about it you feel challenged by.

It’s normal to feel both excited and nervous as you anticipate our session. And that’s a great sign because it means you’re doing some important work; work that will be done in a safe, judgment-free place with me as your coach.

I promise to take good care of you. And you’ll be amazed at how much ground we cover in one session.



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