The Perks of Being Picky

I’M SLIDING the hangers back and forth in my closet as if by doing so something new will magically appear. Kind of like standing in front of an open refrigerator hoping dinner will make itself.

I’ve pared down my wardrobe significantly. I’ve cleared out the things I no longer wear and am left with a bit more than what once made up the 20% of my wardrobe that I wore 80% of the time. That 20% is now the majority.

The good news? It makes getting dressed much easier! I’m not scanning over dozens of items that never get selected, and with my choices being limited, decisions on what to wear are quick.

The bad news? I don’t have anything to wear for the photos I’m having done. Well, there are a couple items that will work, but I need more.

Before heading out to the stores, I researched the type of headshots and photos I’d like for my redesigned website. I made notes of colors that look best on me. I created a Pinterest board to save images that represent the types of items I want to wear for the shoot. And I made a list of the stores I’ll visit.

As I do all of this, I’m paying attention to the chatter in my head (mental clutter) that’s telling me I “should” wear this or I “should” wear that. I place my hand on my heart and remind my resistance that I want to look like me; to be true to my authentic self.

By taking the time to plan this way, I’m set up for success. I can shop with excitement instead of dread. I buzz through stores quickly, scanning only for the items I want instead of looking through racks hoping something will speak to me.

Doing so lessens my chance of an unnecessary impulse purchase that sits in my closet and taunts me when I pass it by day after day, and instead, I choose items that I love enough to make a regular part of my rotating wardrobe.

The result? No new clutter and, instead, a few great pieces added to my closet. Oh, and photos that I love and that represent who I am.

When you’ve cleared out or simplified a part of your life, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t fill back up. The actual clearing of the clutter is only part of the process. Another part that isn’t often talked about is the mindfulness that is needed when deciding if, when, and how you’ll add things to your life, whether those “things” are new clothes, new friendships, or a new job.

If you want to play big in the world and go for those dreams, you have to be selective about who or what gets the honor of being a part of your world. Yes, it is an honor, and when you treat it as such, you’re less likely to hand it off to just anyone or anything.

The more you recognize the value of your time and energy, the less likely clutter will accumulate. And when there’s less clutter, there’s more space to receive gifts, opportunities, and abundance that awaits you.

So this week, use this affirmation as your guiding principle when considering whether to add something to your life:

“I welcome in only those people and things that are aligned with my values and that bring me joy.” (click to tweet)

I wish you a clear and expansive week!

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  1. Kathy from CT
    Kathy from CT says:

    great post! Thanks for the affirmation & gentle push to not slide back into old habits or fill the newly-cleared space.

  2. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    I really like the way you think, Kerri. Everything you describe in what I’ve read on your site makes sense to me.


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