The Secret Ingredients for Fulfilling Your Wildest Dreams

I thought about writing a book on clutter for years but it wasn’t until I was given a deadline by my publisher that it got done. Each stage of the process from the first draft to the final manuscript, from the book outline to the marketing plan, I had deadline after deadline after deadline. And while I’ve sometimes cursed them, I’ve met every single one.

Why are we much more likely to get things done when we have someone to answer to? Is it the grade school homework training? Is it a fear of repercussions? A desire to not disappoint?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried self-imposed deadlines only to find they are rarely as effective as one set by someone else. There’s something about knowing another person is holding space for you and has expectations of you that make you much more likely to do it.

I can’t tell you how often I hear from coaching clients: “I scrambled to get these things done yesterday because I knew we were speaking today.” Of course if it becomes a habit, we look into that tendency, but otherwise, it makes no difference to me when they get it done. Only that it gets done! I want to support them in making BIG changes.

Each time you say you’re going to do something and you don’t, you lose a little more trust in yourself. You become your own worst naysayer and that inner critic who wants to keep you stuck wins and thumbs her nose at you in victory.

If self-imposed deadlines aren’t your thing, think about how you can rally some support to get things done.


  • a mastermind group
  • a coach
  • an accountability group
  • a productivity buddy

The combination of support and accountability ups your chances for success BIG time. They are the secret ingredients to success. The minute someone else is involved, shit gets done.

Lining up regular support endorses your self-worth and validates the value of your dreams. And when you put some structure around the changes you want to make in your life, your resistance is much less likely to interrupt your flow.

This week, think about an area of your life where you’ve been procrastinating or struggling to make progress. Who could you call on for help? Be super selective with who you ask. You want encouraging support. Think of a friend, coach, or group who you trust to be loving and nurturing, but also able to hold your feet to the fire.

Then take one small step like scheduling an exploratory call with a coach, meeting a friend to discuss the idea of being accountability buddies, or making a quick list of the kind of dream support you’d love to have. Whatever it is, make some move this week to get or keep things moving and the universe will rally in support!

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