How to Attract More Money

I just came home from mailing my tax returns and was so sad to see them go. I had such fun doing them!

OK, I lied. It was anything but fun. I trudged through receipts, statements, and forms, my eyes blurry and tired by the end.

I prepare our taxes myself, not because I enjoy it, but because we’re not organized enough to hand it off to a tax professional. I also tell myself I’ll find more deductions this way. And that’s true right now, but again, only because our bookkeeping system is almost non-existent and I have to go digging for this receipt or that. That’s not good for anyone, but it’s particularly bad for someone who owns her own business!

Every year we swear next year will be different, but this year I mean it! (Sound familiar?) Really, though, this is the year we’re streamlining our books. We’ve even narrowed down our choices of programs to help us make it happen (Quickbooks and YNAB).

There’s nothing like doing taxes to shine a big old light on neglected, financial clutter. It’s time to show that you’re on top of things; that you’re a good steward for wealth. You can say you want to decrease debt or have more money, but if your actions contradict your desire, that powerful force waiting to support you is gonna call bullshit.

Can you relate, how is your tax prep going? Have you had an easy time of it or were you tempted to light a match and toss it on the pile of papers, too?

Let’s think about how you can take better care of your finances. One benefit of tax time is that you’ve been in the weeds and have come face-to-face with some realities you may have been ignoring. Leverage this knowledge for good!

Here are some ideas:

  • Choose a different due date for a recurring bill if that works better for you and your pay cycle. For example, instead of a due date of the first, change it to the 15th. A quick phone call to a creditor is usually all it takes to make this change.
  • Consider a budgeting system like YNAB (You Need a Budget). I’m told that while the initial set-up is a bit laborious, the difference it has made in people’s lives and financial health is astounding! YNAB has great, short videos on their website to show you how to do it all, and you can try it for free for 34 days. (Not an affiliate, just a suggestion!) I’ll do it if you do it! 😉

  • Look at your spending over the last three or six months. Does your money behavior align with the vision you have for your life? Think of that trail you’re hungry to blaze. Is your money mindset in line with your goal? If not, what small step can you take to begin to fix that?

Spend a Pom round or two identifying what financial areas need your attention and then schedule time (in ink!) to take some action as soon as possible. Do some research on ideas or tips to improve the area. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find a brilliant blog post or video online to help in the exact area you need it. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Remember, the smallest of steps can have a BIG impact so don’t let your resistance tell you that you have to revamp your entire financial system to reap the rewards. It’s about getting started and showing the universe that you mean business!

What step will you take today? Join the conversation in the comments.

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