Holiday Series Part 5: Mix All the Ingredients for the Best Holiday Yet

This is the final installment in my holiday series to help you manage the emotional, mental, physical, and financial clutter that can accompany the year’s end.

Over the past month, I’ve shared tips and strategies to help you have a low-stress and fun-filled holiday season. Hopefully you’ve implemented some of them already and are gearing up to celebrate in style.

In case you need a reminder, here’s a recap of the ingredients in your “Best Holiday Ever” recipe:

  1. A clutter-free holiday calendar
    As I wrote about in Part 1, before I risk getting swallowed up by the holiday hubbub, I take time to review what I love about this time of year and how I can make those things a priority. With a finite amount of time, money, and energy, I want spend it on what matters most to me and keep it from what doesn’t.
    What are the special things that make the season magical for you? Christmas light drives? Volunteering? Cocktails with good friends? Whatever it is, be careful to not clutter up your calendar with events you’re attending out of guilt and obligation, leaving no time for what really matters to you. 
    For help with declining invitations graciously, read the full post here.
  2. A spruced-up shopping list
    In Part 2, I challenged you to review your gift exchange list to be sure you’re shopping with a whole heart. Are you excited to give a gift to everyone on your list? Is there anyone you’d prefer to no longer exchange with? It feels pretty crappy to choose a gift for someone you no longer feel connected to, and I believe that energy is delivered with the item, so while you’re trimming your tree, consider pruning your list.
    For more on cleaning up your list, you can read the full post here.
  3. Budget- and soul-friendly gift selecting
    In Part 3, I encouraged you to budget a certain amount for each gift recipient and to consider giving the gift of time or experience over things. Conscious gift-giving is a great way to ensure you enjoy the holidays and makes exchanging presents even more special.
    For some great gift ideas that will create memories to last a lifetime, read the full post here.
  4. Tapping in to the power of gratitude
    If you find yourself getting caught up in the stress of the season, take some time and start a Gratitude Year in Review. Think back over the year and identify those moments when your heart was full. What memories bring a smile to your face? What at first seemed like a curse but ended up being a blessing?
    Reaching for this kind of anchor gets your mind right and makes it much more likely to have joy drown out the stress.
    To read more about this idea, click here.

Stress needn’t be the order of the season. With a little planning and mindfulness this holiday season, you can end the year on a high note.

Happy Holidays!

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