Comfort Zone Be Damned!

I’m writing to you from beautiful and snowy Utah. Melissa and I came out here to spend time with some dear friends and to fulfill a bucket list item for Melissa — to snowboard the slopes of Park City.

I am an anxious flyer (for now anyway. I’m working on it!) and it takes a lot of physical and mental energy to go on a trip. However, I’ve promised myself I won’t let it stop me from traveling.

This time around was particularly difficult for some reason. I’ve yet to put my finger on why but right up until the night before, I wasn’t sure I was going. After doing some tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and talking with Melissa, I went to bed reminding my fear that we can always skip it. That’s one thing I’ve learned about my anxiety. It always needs an out though I rarely use it.

The next morning I woke annoyed at my fear. I was fed up with it ruling my world for the past few days. I usually treat it with compassion and kindness, but this was time for some tough love.

As I packed my final things, I gave myself a stern pep talk. “Let’s get this done. Enough anticipating. Enough worry.” And then I imparted one of my clients’ mantras of JFDI — just fucking do it. (Thanks, Helen!)

And you know what? I did it. With ample pharmaceutical support, but I did it. And I’m so glad I did. Even though Melissa’s snowboarding dreams ended abruptly compliments of a broken wrist, we had such fun spending quality time with friends and taking in the awe-worthy scenery.

This is part of the trail I am blazing in my life: one of more courageous adventures. Fear is part of the clutter that stands in my way. Sometimes I bushwhack it lovingly. Other times it needs a stronger hand. I’m still finding the balance.

It really is important to challenge yourself even if it can be scary as hell because the magic happens in your stretch zone. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway changes you on a cellular level. You literally can never be the person you were before.

The more you step out of your comfort zone, the bigger your comfort zone becomes. Then you’re willing to take even bigger risks and live at a level you likely before thought impossible.

Besides, isn’t it just exhausting to fight your fear all the time? It sure wipes me out.

Now it’s your turn! What are you ready to JFD (just fucking do)? What are you sick and tired of putting off, fearing, or dragging your feet on? Hit reply and let me know. Sharing is the first step in claiming it! Let’s blaze trails together!

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