A playful way to get in touch with your 2020 vision

Although it’s mid-January, it feels like the year has just started. I guess that’s what happens when the holidays fall in the middle of the week. I hope you haven’t gotten too caught up in the New Year, New You momentum which can often make us feel like we’re not enough or like we’re behind the eight ball.
Yes, this time of year is great for intentions and planning, but the inundation of suggestions, tools, and other pushes to have your life mapped out can make me feel like doing anything but. Instead, I went back to my tried and true approach: the vision board.

This past weekend, my siblings, mother, and I got together to create our own and it was a blast! As I look at my board, I love the visual representation of how I want to experience the next year of my life. I see images and words that represent adventure, travel, health, quiet, and beauty. Treating these as beacons to light my way makes it easier to recognize any clutter that’s blocking my trail.

Because crafting a vision for your life can be quite overwhelming, focusing instead on these clippings that represent the essence I want my life to have is much more my style. I can then work on the specifics from there. (I talk all about working the plan in my “Clarifying Your Life’s Vision” webinar in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life).

While I really enjoyed thinking about how I want to experience 2020, the best part of the day was simply being together, chatting, and sharing ideas about our hopes and dreams. Coming together to craft our visions shined a light on something that I want to make more of a priority — quality time together with both my biological family and my soul family. In fact, I’m gong to print a photo of us from that day to add to my vision board. Funny how getting together to create the board became something I want to add to it!

It’s such a good idea to occasionally take a step back from your life and see it as a whole because when you do, you can see if you’re heading where you want to be going or if you’re just going through the motions and getting through each day. Trailblazers always check to be sure they’re on the marked trail.

So are you on your preferred trail, or have you gotten knocked off? Maybe you have yet to begin your journey. Regardless, it’s all good because you’re in charge and can right your course at any time.

Start by taking that overhead look to be sure your actions are aligned with your vision. If they’re not, identify one small step you can take to get back on track. And then one small step after that. And then another one after that. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way!

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