Ask the Coach – Week 30

[dc]T[/dc]his is the column where I answer a website visitor’s question in hopes of supporting all visitors through shared (and likely, relevant) challenges, triumphs, and struggles.

Dear Kerri,

I recently began practicing as a new licensed massage therapist. Because I am just starting out, I found work subcontracting with a couple of chiropractors in two different offices. It all started out as I’d hoped. This began in Sept ’11, and now I haven’t had clients from either of those chiropractors in a couple of months.

I’ve interviewed at spas and wellness centers and other chiro offices. So far, nothing. I’ve put out “Name your price” coupons out in the neighborhood where I am working on my own practice, and still, nothing! I have even applied at a fast food chain, to no avail. What is going on? I am not sure what level to examine. I’ve never not been able to charm my way into a position with employers before. I’m concerned because finances are so tight that my electric has been shut off!


Defeated in Decatur

Dear Defeated,

I’m sorry to hear that you find yourself up against some trying financial times. It’s great that you’re willing to seek employment in areas other than massage to get the bills paid. Being open to that will only help your massage business in the long run.

Have you received any feedback from the spas and wellness centers where you’ve interviewed? This isn’t something potential employers typically offer up without prodding, so you’ll need to call and ask them for their thoughts. While no one likes to hear criticism, it can only help you moving forward.

In addition to that, I’d suggest reviewing your resume and soliciting the help of a trusted person in your life to read it over and offer suggestions and tips for strengthening it. You can also consider taking advantage of the career services available through your local employment office. There’s a great number of job searching support tools there in the form of workshops, literature, etc.

In these times, you need to become a sleuth; a resourceful detective who thinks of strategic and unique ways to find job opportunities and to be creative and persistent in your pursuit. In our current economic situation, the old protocol of sending out resumes and hoping for a call just no longer cuts it.

A creative way to put yourself out there is to email selected friends and family letting them know you are on the hunt and the types of work you’re interested in doing. Our immediate circle is such a great, established network that many people forget to tap into.

As far as your electricity being shut off, consider looking into state and government support during your time of unemployment. Due to the high numbers of people looking for work, more and more aid has been made available. Start your inquiry with your energy provider to see what kinds of programs they offer. They’re often very willing to help. They just need to know that you’re in need.

Taking charge of your financial situation in this way sets you up for success in business when the time is right to return to that pursuit. However, trying to build a business when you’re unable to pay your bills tends to energetically repel new clients instead of attracting them. Right now, your focus needs to be shoring up your financial health.

I hope these tips and suggestions are helpful.

 You got this!



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