What do your clothes say about you?

I think Punxsutawney Phil has it right this year! He didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day and we’ve had mild-ish temperatures here in the Northeast USA for a stretch. While it’s not smooth sailing with some days still freezing, most have been mild or even, dare I say, warm.

Like the first crocus that pops up in celebration of warmer temperatures, so does my mental state. I begin to crawl out from under the February fog and mild depression and plug back into life. The difference from a little sun is incredible!

Spring also brings color back into my wardrobe. By the depths of winter, I’m usually donning mostly gray, black, or navy clothes — you know, to match my mood. Now that things are looking brighter and greener outside, it’s time to reflect that in my outfits.

The clothes you wear are more than just fabric on your body. They’re a reflection of how you show up in the world; of how willing you are to stand out or own your power. In that same vein, clearing out items you no longer love or wear is an opportunity to shed an old version of yourself.

What’s in your closet that no longer represents who you are?

Are you hanging onto business clothes from a past corporate gig where you no longer work? If so, this could be suffocating your professional success.

Do you have jeans you swear you’ll fit into again someday? Your younger self might feel judged or not good enough as a result.

Is your wedding dress stored up on the top shelf even though you’ve been divorced for years? That’s not leaving a lot of room in the relationship area of your life for new love or deep friendships.

Wanna do something fun? Have a fashion show for yourself and try on some of your clothes, pairing things you may not typically put together. Play with some new combinations. Wear a bold color. Opt for the chunky necklace instead of the simple one.

Now check yourself out in the mirror and state three to five things you love about your look. Go beyond “this is a comfortable shirt,” and instead challenge yourself to say something like “I look damn sexy in this outfit!” or “This color makes my eyes pop.” Make the compliments about you — how you look, how you feel — and not about the clothes themselves.

Similarly, if you’re wearing something that makes you feel crappy or low, note that as well. It might be time for it to go.

This seemingly-silly exercise helps you step outside of your comfort zone and show your fear or resistance that you have her back; that when she feels shaky dressing in a bolder way, you’ll be her mold.

And it’s a playful way to recognize any old beliefs or stories that are tripping you up. What is your inner critic saying? What are you telling yourself about how you’ll be received or judged in the outfit? That will reveal clues to where you might be holding yourself back in your life.

Yes, just from trying on clothes.

Give it a go and then tell me how it went in the comments below!

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