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[dc]W[/dc]hen I started my coaching practice 10 years ago, I was a fumbling, new entrepreneur who was figuring it out as I went along. (OK, some things I’m still figuring it out, but that’s the joy of owning your own business!) My main concern, naturally, was building my clientele.

I emailed friends and family asking for referrals. I put up a basic website. I joined coaching networking groups, both online and in person. I did all the things that came to mind to attract new clients. However, I neglected some major areas — the more subtle, and often more effective, forms of marketing.

Back in the day, when a client signed on with me, I would send a welcome packet out via snail mail. I can remember, as each client said “yes,” I would dread putting the packet together and getting it in the mail. Silly, I know. It was tedious task that involved me opening electronic documents, printing out each page on nice paper, packaging it up with some business cards, and, because the result was a large envelope, going to the post office to mail it.

I actually found myself rolling my eyes in frustration when I’d get an email from a client saying they wanted to get started. How ridiculous is that? Then I had a brainstorm (or a “duh” moment – you decide). Why don’t I assemble a bunch of packets in advance and have them at the ready? Huzzah! I’m a genius!

I created a space in my filing cabinet for my new, prepared packets and immediately felt a sense of relief and excitement. When my next client signed on, I was eager and happy to reach for the kit and get it in the mail. As more and more clients got comfortable with email, I moved to an electronic packet.

As a result, I noticed my business growing much more steadily, and clients who I was really excited about working with began contacting me. The whole energy of my venture changed.

This move inspired me to look at other aspects of my business structure and see what could be improved and tweaked. I stopped handwriting my file labels and got a snazzy label maker. I created a spreadsheet to track client payments. I became more selective in the clients I chose to work with.

I soon realized that these actions were much more powerful marketing than any networking event I ever attended. Because my systems and strategies were much more efficient, I was energetically welcoming in new business instead of repelling it.

Today, as I work with a lot of creative entrepreneurs who feel their businesses aren’t taking off or that they have reached a plateau, this is an important area we focus on, as it’s often neglected for more traditional marketing approaches. Together, we see their success grow.

What’s really cool is that this concept can be applied to any area of your life. Looking for love? Think about what in your life is taking up space in your relationship sector? This might be an unhealthy boundary with your family or boss, love letters from an ex, or a belief that you’re not worthy.

Would you like more financial freedom? Take a look at your current bill paying system. Could it be streamlined through the use of electronic payments? Do you pay your bills on time? Are you judgmental of those who have more money than you?

How you handle your current situation is directly related to the success you’ll experience. By not having welcome packets ready for new clients, I was essentially saying, “Please don’t send me any new business. I’m not ready to handle it.” By not paying your bills on time, your message is, “I can’t responsibly handle the money I currently have, so please don’t send me any more.”

Ok. You’re up! What area of your life needs some attention? Take a look under the hood to see what can be improved upon so you can welcome in more abundance. Not sure what part needs your attention? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and get some support!

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  1. Claire Rowland
    Claire Rowland says:

    What a great message! I saw myself in a couple of those scenarios. One of the most favorite things that I like about you is that you share ideas in a way that they’re easy to remember, apply and build self esteem. Kerri, you are an awesome teacher. Thank you.

  2. Lou Shackleton
    Lou Shackleton says:

    This is a little spooky, Kerri – it really spoke to me after my day today. Here goes… “by not having a clear offer on my website, I am saying that I’m not ready for your business; I don’t have anything to offer that you might want.” Eek! Time to get the offer out of my head and on to the page… Time to commit that I believe in my skills!

  3. ilaria
    ilaria says:

    Hi Kerri! Thank you a lot for your big inspiration! You know? I just needed it… I was involved in other things lately and I left my website and my new work programs in stand by for a while… I cought very good ideas from your post and you turned my day up! I hope to hear you soon!

  4. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    hi Keri, thanks for this really helpful blog. time to get into a different mindset that’s for sure! thanks for the nudge…:))

  5. Erica Holthausen
    Erica Holthausen says:

    There is a power to taking these action steps and being ready to welcome in abundance. It had never occurred to me until you asked me a simple question:

    “Erica, are you ready to welcome in new clients?”

    At the time, the answer was no. I didn’t want to admit it, but the truth was that I hadn’t done the proper groundwork and hadn’t really put a solid offer out into the world. And, I really wasn’t sure what I would have a new client do first. I was a bit of an energetic mess.

    Today, I am about to put out a full, tested offer and I know exactly where I will start with each client. I don’t have my welcome packet done quite yet, but I’ll be working on that next! In the meantime, I do have a less formal welcome and a plan of action, so that works for now.

    I understood the need to welcome in abundance, but until you asked that question, I hadn’t really applied it to myself. That simple question cracked open the bubble of denial and allowed me to really see how I was responsible for my situation. It also meant that there was something I could do about it. It was incredibly empowering. So, thank you, Kerri. Your words of wisdom are so appreciated!

    • Kerri
      Kerri says:

      Congrats, Erica, on getting your offer out into the world! Such a huge accomplishment and proclamation that you are open to receive new clients. Whenever you’re feeling stalled, just take one more small step!


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