It’s Time For A Vision Revision

It’s been two years since Melissa and I moved into our tiny house and it’s time for us to say “uncle.” While we never knew how long this adventure would last, the pandemic has drawn the end to us faster than anticipated.

Before COVID restrictions were necessary, you’d often find me plugging away in a lovely cafe downtown or settled into the nearby coworking space, sprawled out to coach, create, and help people clutter-bust.

Now, however, I’m working at my little wall-mounted desk praying that my wireless internet stays strong or running a 100-foot ethernet cable from the main house to my computer.

While clever, it’s not the most ideal working conditions.

Melissa and I have big plans for our respective businesses and we need the space to make them happen!

While moving is one of the top stressors, the good news is we won’t have a lot to move! But that’s not to say I don’t have clutter I’m dealing with — mental clutter, that is.

As we look for a house to buy, my little gremlin comes in and chatters at me:

“What a waste of time and money this tiny house was to only live in it for two years. It took you longer to build it!”

“Good job fulfilling that vision of traveling the country with your little house in tow. You only traveled from Connecticut to Massachusetts. Exciting stuff.”

Am I disappointed that our initial plans didn’t come to fruition? Sure, but by pursuing this dream, we learned that a nomadic lifestyle wouldn’t work for us despite how sexy it sounds. And we likely wouldn’t have known that until we tried.

I respond to this mental clutter with an important reminder: I’d much rather have tried something and found it wasn’t a fit than never to have tried at all and be left wondering “what if…”.

After all, visions are ever-evolving — they morph and change with us. As you make moves toward your goals, life may steer you in a new direction and you have to be willing to pivot. In fact, you might find an even better dream waiting for you.

Trust and turn, my friend. Trust and turn.

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