The Gift of the Grumps

[dc]T[/dc]his past week, I had a short-fuse kinda day. I was super grumpy, and everything was driving me bananas. No matter what I did, I couldn’t flip my mood. I grabbed for any tool from my box of tricks, to no avail. I thought about what I was grateful for. That didn’t do it. I listened to some calming chants as well as some fun, silly music. Nope. I was still pissy. It was one of those days that I wished I could’ve gotten away from myself.

Much to my chagrin, there was only one thing left to do. I had to accept my current state of bitchiness and warn others to take cover. Fortunately, my years of experience working with clients allow me to show up and be present for them, even on a bad day. So once I was done with calls, I settled into cranky mode like a comfy pair of jeans and just let myself be.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t enjoying myself in this state, but I had to face the current reality and give myself permission to sulk. So, I retreated and let unscheduled phone calls go to voice mail, had emails wait until the next day, and didn’t respond to requests from friends and family.

At first it wasn’t fun to sit back and imagine that the world was falling apart around me because I wasn’t at everyone’s beck and call. Then it started to totally rock my world in a great way. I moved pretty quickly from “Oh no! What if people need me right now and I’m not on my computer?” to “That’s right. I don’t have to do a damn thing.”

I’ve worked hard, for years, to build a successful business that affords me the kind of flexibility to chillax when need be. That’s pretty darn cool. I can on-demand cheesy TV shows and great documentaries at my leisure. Super convenient. I’ve got ridiculously comfy furniture to kick my feet up on with a cool beverage and just be. Well, looky here. Apparently I have a lot to be grateful for.

While my grouchy mood didn’t suddenly disappear, I hung up my resistance to it, and instead, cuddled with it on the couch, which, in retrospect, was really me cuddling with that sweet, little kid inside who just needed some lovin’. And how could I not love her up? Look at how freakin’ cute she is?

Now it’s your turn. What does your little one need? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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  1. Marie-Gaye Barton
    Marie-Gaye Barton says:

    Dear Kerri,

    This was such a relevant message for me this week. Have had the flu, feeling at rock bottom and guilty that I should know better but realise we have these times for a purpose.

    I just gave in to my inner child and already things are better.

    thank you
    Marie-Gaye Barton.

    • Kerri
      Kerri says:

      Thanks for sharing, Marie-Gaye. I’m sorry you’re feeling under the weather, but thrilled to hear you chose to give yourself what you needed. I’m sure, as a result, you’ll feel much better in no time!

  2. Diana
    Diana says:

    Yes, very cute picture! Always need to remind ourselves to take care of the little kid inside all of us. Here’s to sweats, a comfy couch and chick flicks!

  3. Claire Rowland
    Claire Rowland says:

    Kerri, I love your honesty. Julia Roberts charged three thousand dollars to be Richard Gere’s “beck and call” girl I think as women we really believe that’s what we are free beck and call girls. Whether its at work, with our family it’s easy to slip into that role. I slip into that role more times than I care to admit sometimes I crave it because I think it makes me feel important and in control. The truth for me is I become so preoccupied with other people I cease to exist. Then the grumpies begin. I try to outrun, outeat or out martyr myself. Right this minute I’m breathing deep breaths and landing the committe in my head on vacation. So this is what being present feels like….thanks..

    • Kerri
      Kerri says:

      Oh, Claire, I know that song and dance well! Resentment builds pretty quickly when we are always putting others before ourselves. Becoming preoccupied with everyone else is a very effective way to run away and abandon ourselves. Always interesting to look at what you are trying to get away from.

      Good for you for taking those deep breaths on taking a mental vacation!

  4. Diane B.
    Diane B. says:

    This was shared by my boss! Of all people. Blessing one!

    Grumpies. Ma-lonk-a-lee. Residue from another day. Life choices – mine. not mine. Work. Family. Friend demands. Unbalanced diet, fun/work, me time/”their” time – it so adds up! Ugh.

    Some days there’s not enough ice cream or hiking trails in the world!

    I, too, keep a picture of my little girl close by – untainted, before the crap hit the fan – she is absolutely in glee, that you can’t help but feel love for her and break out into a smile. She whispers some days – “Remember? Remember Candyland? Hopscotch? Jacks? Pink-swears? Cross-your-heart?”

    I remember. And, I love you for your unabashedly gleeful smile! And permission to say, let’s play!

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