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Your Support Staff Is All Around You

I step on the soccer field to take my spot at right fullback — the position my friend, Beth, used to play on our team. This was our first game back after Beth’s passing.

As I fix my headband and stretch my muscles, I notice a beautiful Monarch butterfly perched on the field, right where I’m heading.

“Whoa, look at that butterfly,” I say to my nearby teammates. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Everyone is checking out its vibrant colors and wings.butterfly beth

“It’s so big,” a teammate says. “Odd that it’s sitting on the ground. I hope it’s not hurt.”

It doesn’t fly away even as I get close. Standing right behind it, I scoot in even closer. It doesn’t move. I look over at Marylou (left fullback) and we both smile, knowingly.

“I got this, Beth,” I say to the butterfly. “I’ll take good care of your position.”

With that, the monarch takes flight but doesn’t go far. As the ref’s whistle blows and the activity begins, Beth — er, the butterfly — stays overhead, dipping and soaring; diving and circling.

It’s not until the game is well underway and everyone is doing their job that she takes off, fluttering her wings quickly as she goes.

The energy and joy on the field that day is infectious. We can feel Beth with us and take comfort in knowing she’s around.

I think about that day often; about how powerful it is to get such a clear sign of the love and support that exists for all of us in the unseen.

Often we are too busy (whether legitimately or not) to recognize that there’s a greater force waiting to swoop down and support us in our dreams. The whole world is one big energetic conversation, and if you’re mired down in busy work, it’s difficult to chime in and see the opportunities that pop up all the time.

So here’s your assignment for the week:

  • Add “Pause” to any and all to-do lists.
  • Post a note on your computer to take a breath and stare out the window for a few minutes.
  • Set an alarm on your smartphone reminding you to stand up and stretch.

Though they may seem small and insignificant, doing things like this stirs up stale energy and creates space, making it more likely for you to notice when the Universe is inviting you to chat.

Look around for your signs of messages and support. It may be in the form of a butterfly or an email with a solution to the problem you’ve been grappling with for weeks.

Just remember — your team is out there waiting to support you, but you gotta invite them in.

Have a great week!

Photo credit: jennifernish via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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