This Year, I Am Seeking Discomfort

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Have you heard of the idea of choosing a word for your New Year? It’s the idea of choosing a single word as a guiding principle that acts as a gentle reminder of what you want to focus on throughout the year.

Common chosen words are abundance, health, joy, brave, spiritual, etc.

Those of you who were in my Clutter Clear Your Year workshop last week are already well on your way to choosing a word.

Take a look at your blessings and challenges from 2021 in your workbook. As you review what went well, think about how those experiences made you feel. Focus on the feelings you want more of and then either choose a word from those feelings or a related word that feels similar.

(If you didn’t register for the workshop, you may do so here and you’ll immediately be sent the replay and that workbook. If you’re a member of Clutter Clear Your Life, you’ll find it in your Resource Library.)

The word I’ve chosen for 2022 is Discomfort.

OK, did I just totally contradict myself? I encourage you to pick a word that represents something that feels good and that you want more of and I choose “discomfort”?

Yup, this year I am seeking discomfort. I am opting to step away from some long-held comfort measures to see what’s rumbling underneath. These measures, while seemingly “comfortable,” are in fact, holding me back.

The only “comfort” they’re giving me is an escape from living more fully, which in and of itself can be scary sometimes, right?

It’s time for me to get uncomfortable so I can strengthen muscles that have atrophied over the years. Things like:

  • The courage to feel yucky emotions
  • My willingness to disappoint people
  • Turning FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)
  • My commitment to not numb out through sugar and flour
  • Acceptance of my inherent introvert-ness

I’m sure I could add more to that list, but you get the idea.

I got a jump start on this work at the end of 2021 as I learned more about Internal Family Systems (IFS) and began exploring various parts of myself that were formed with my belief system at a young age.

IFS is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz that focuses on the role of these parts in relation to the whole.

Think of it this way — You know when you say, “There’s a part of me who feels _____,” or “A part of me thinks I should ____”. Yup, that’s “parts” work!

By seeking discomfort in the areas I mentioned above, I know I will awaken sleeping clarity and confidence, and learn a lot more about the work some of my parts (like my inner rebel, indulger, and saboteur), are doing in, what they think is, an effort to protect me.

As I learn, I can alleviate my parts of their duties by showing them my limiting beliefs are no longer needed, and then I can strengthen those desired, but atrophied, muscles.

Hence my word “Discomfort.”

I have a sticky note on my computer with my word written on it, a reminder set on my phone that pops up a couple times a day, and it has a prominent place on my vision board.

When I see the word, it reminds me to do something outside of my comfort zone whether that’s go ice skating or feel my feelings instead of think them.

It’s kind of a new take on my past idea of Stretch Zone Adventures (SZAs). Not sure what those are? You can read all about them here:

Now I’d love to hear from you! If you were to pick a guiding word for your year, what would it be? And what does that word mean to you?

Hit reply and let me know!

Here’s to much joy and magic in 2022,

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