It’s Not You, It’s Me

Earlier this week, I was quite pissy. I had a short fuse and found myself wanting to retreat and be left alone. It got me thinking about a quote I read a while back, “If I’m angry, it means I’ve been quiet for too long.” BOOM! That line represents almost every situation I can think of where I’ve been mad.

Think about it. Whether you’re fuming at your spouse, boss, father, child, or coworker, chances are the anger has been building up for some time (that time could be all day or several years). By not addressing the first hint of aggravation or disappointment, more layers start to pile on top until you’re ready to snap.angrybird

In my case this week, I had spent several days helping out friends and family on various tasks and projects, and I forgot to take some time out for me. My frustration wasn’t aimed at anyone. It was coming from my younger self; my wise self who was essentially calling out, “What about me?”

The venom you spew at others often stems from this unaddressed pain. By neglecting your needs, resentment builds and builds, and you can wrongfully take it out on the next person who asks for help, and neither of you walks away feeling good.

So this week, if you find yourself fed up and snappy, I challenge you to stop and check in to see what needs of yours are not getting met. Then, come up with one thing you can do to address those needs. It can be a teeny-tiny step. Your little one doesn’t need a parade. She just needs a hug.

If we all spent less time looking outside of ourselves for both answers or blame, and instead turned our focus inward for guidance and healing, our beautiful world would be better off. In my humble opinion…  🙂

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