It’s Time to Get Curious

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Six weeks ago, I began holding weekly planning sessions in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life, to help members set themselves up for a productive week by making sure they’re focusing on the things that matter most.

It’s been awesome to witness these trailblazers not only get more and more comfortable with reclaiming their time and power, but also with getting curious about the things they avoid and what they are doing that actually isn’t aligned with where they want to take their lives.

It might come as a surprise, but a big part of identifying the core clutter in your life is by paying attention to how you spend your time.

We humans are clever little creatures. If we are feeling scared, tentative or overwhelmed at all, we often run from those feelings by busying ourselves.

If you struggle to find the time to make desired changes or progress on a particular task or project, look into why that might be.

I mean, you can’t possibly start eating healthier until you have time to find new recipes, right?

Or you can’t make your dating profile active until you have your teeth whitened.

Or you can’t market your business until your website is done.

Or you’re just too busy helping everyone else to worry about yourself.

It’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?

This week, review how you spent the last few days and see if you can identify the clutter that blocked up your time. Ask yourself, “how am I benefitting from avoiding that goal, task, or project?”

What might you be protecting yourself from? Success? Failure? Feeling your feelings?

Instead of shaming and blaming, be inquisitive. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you find.

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