Feeling anxious? Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

This pandemic shit is for the birds, amiright? One day I wonder if I’m overreacting and the next day I fear I’m not being careful enough, though I’m not sure how much more careful I can be!

I miss hugging my mother, I miss getting together with friends, and I’m so damn tired of the constant updates of the death toll. I know, I know, things could be a lot worse blah, blah, blah. Right now these are the feelings I’m in and I’m gonna let myself hang here.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s all well and good, Kerri, but do you have to puke it into my inbox?”

I have a good reason, I swear. First off, I want you to know that you have full permission to feel whatever you’re feeling. You don’t have to justify it, apologize for it, or dissect it. Just feel it. Even if it sucks, it’s good self-care.

Secondly, If you’re feeling untethered, anxious, or restless, here’s a quick tip to get settled: clean out a drawer or cabinet. For reals.

Other than being careful to wash our hands, wipe down groceries, and stay far apart from one another, the unfolding of this pandemic is out of our control. And desperate times call for desperate measures so now’s the time to find something — anything — you can control and have at it.

Tidying up or clearing clutter has always been a go-to stress reliever for me. It becomes an active meditation of sorts. And it can for you, too. When you have something specific to do, you give your anxiety the chance to quiet down because it doesn’t have free reign in your brain to run rampant. You’ve given it a task.

Cleaning out your junk drawer or the contacts on your phone is a light enough project that you’re not asking your worrying mind to do anything particularly challenging yet you’re still giving it something to focus on.

Humor me and try it this weekend. Even if you just do one small basket or bin, let me know how it went. Did anything surprise you? How did you feel before? And after? I read each and every response!

If you want to do it with a group, we are focusing on bath and body products and the medicine cabinet this month in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life. Not only will you organize these areas, but you’ll also learn a lot about how you treat yourself and if you might be looking in the wrong places for some answers you seek.

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