I’ve Got Some Clutter Creep Going On Over Here

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Since moving from our tiny house to this big house (if you consider 1,000 sq ft “big”), I’ve gotten a little too trigger happy on the “Order Now” button.

When living in 240 square feet, I was used to only buying things as we needed them. We didn’t have the option to store a bunch of items in bulk so we waited until supplies got low before replacing them.

Not so much anymore.

As I type this letter to you, I currently have 3 bottles of dish detergent and more lightbulbs than I know what to do with, to give just a couple examples.

But they were such a good deal online!

Sound familiar?

This is a little something I call Clutter Creep — when, little by little, the piles get bigger, the inventory gets deeper, and the drawers get fuller.

Sure, you can certainly find some savings when buying multiple quantities, but I still think it’s better to pick and choose when you do.

All this glorious space that we were swimming in when we first arrived less than one year ago has filled up more than I would like. While I may have saved a few bucks, what it’s costing me in peace of mind is far more expensive.

So it’s time to pump the brakes, evaluate what we’re currently hanging onto that we no longer love, need, or use, and send it on its way.

It should come as no surprise that I’m pretty consistent in clearing clutter, but as I look around my office I’m sure there are things I could part with. While I only own about 35 physical books, I see one or two that could be donated.

I also have a couple pieces of artwork under my bed that I don’t have a home for and that I don’t particularly love anymore. They were a great fit in our last traditional home, but my tastes have changed.

Can that feel wasteful? Sure, but since I’ve already replaced them with things I love, it would be wasteful to let them sit under the bed instead of finding their next life in someone else’s home.

I realize how nice it is to have just a handful of clutter and you might be reading this thinking, “I wish dish soap and lightbulbs were all I had to worry about.”

But no matter your amount of clutter, I know the huge impact clearing even a few items can make.

You don’t need to organize your entire house to feel more expansive and calm.

You just need to get started.

And that’s precisely what I want to help you do during my free, 5-day challenge that starts on Monday, April 4.

Each day, Monday-Friday, I’ll send you an email with a short clutter-clearing assignment.

Then, I’ll go LIVE in our private Facebook group each day to teach about the possible messages in that particular “mess.”

The idea here is to not only get the ball rolling for you, but to also help you see that there’s more to clutter than just the piles. It holds great insight into where you tend to soar in your life and how and why you sabotage your success.

We’ll cover all this and more in five, quick days.

Let’s stop the Clutter Creep in its tracks, shall we?

CLICK HERE to get on the challenge list!

Can’t wait to do this together!

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