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Big Dreams? Yeah, You’ve Got ‘Em

word dream with sticky note


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I was speaking with a client who feared she had no vision for her life; who retreated a bit when I talked about big goals in my membership community because felt she was the only one who didn’t have any.

By the end of our call, however, we determined she had a whole bunch of BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals)! She just didn’t realize it because she was thinking of them as only MASSIVE or nothing.

I wonder if you’re doing the same.

If we’ve been in each other’s lives for a while, you’ve likely heard me talk often about BHAGs.

It’s a term coined by Jim Collins and discussed in his book Built to Last. Jim applies it to corporations to help them get their team on the same page when in pursuit of a large-scale vision for the company.

In my world, I use the term to help clients and members create a vision for their lives, which results in some truly BIG BHAGs and well as some seemingly-smaller ones, too.

But are they really small?

My conversation with this client reminded me how important it is to clarify that a BHAG is anything that feels like a stretch to you.

Sure your BHAG might be to visit a new country every year, but it might also be to lose five pounds.

Your BHAG might be to have a family someday, or it might be to practice asking for help more often.

Your fear wants you to get tripped up on picking the “right” BHAG or one that is big enough. That noise is clutter, my friend.

Your fear is not a fan of you stretching at all. But the best way to get your fear on board is to prove it wrong. Show it you can handle stretching by doing it.

For example, if your BHAG is asking for help, exercise this muscle by requesting help from someone you know is likely available and able to follow through.

Don’t practice by asking for help from someone who has repeatedly disappointed you in the past.

After all, if you were just starting to exercise in the gym, you wouldn’t grab the 50 pound weight. You’d grab the 2 pounder.

Same concept.

Instead of comparing your hopes and dreams with anyone else’s, use that energy to make progress on your own unique journey.

Not only is that more doable, it’s a much more self loving thing to do.

OK, now I’m curious — does this give you a new perspective on BHAGs?

Can you now identify some when before you might have thought you had none?

Comment below and share them with me! I’m dying to know!

Want some support with clearing blocking, mental clutter so you can go after these big dreams? Join me over in my secret society of trailblazers at ClutterClearYourLife.com. We’d love to have you join us!

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