Stuff I Use to Maximize Space in My Tiny House

As you may know, I live in a 240-square-foot tiny house with my wife, Melissa, and our two cats, Kiva and Kaia. We have everything we need in this small space — a full kitchen with ample food storage, a bathroom with a beautifully-large shower, a loft sleeping area, and a living room/office/guest space. Here she is:

Isn’t she cute?! 🥰

To help us maximize our living space as much as possible, we’ve found some pretty ingenious products. This week, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds that have streamlined tasks like cooking, cleaning up, and running my business without taking up a lot of space.

Maybe some of them would work for you, too! If so, click the text link or the picture to grab one for yourself.

Note: Some of these are Amazon affiliate links. While I do earn a small commission off any qualifying purchase, I only recommend products I know and love.


This magnetic knife holder let me reclaim some serious counter space by getting rid of the knife block. It sticks to the side of my refrigerator (via a very STRONG magnet) and is within arms’ reach when I’m cooking.


These adorable spice holders also adorn the side of my refrigerator, just above the knife holder. Each little square holdsmuch more than you’d think! The corners of the lid flip open to allow you to sprinkle or pour. Each one is labeled (labels sold separately) and I have them hung alphabetically so grabbing what I need is a breeze! You can choose a pack of six, 12, or 24.


I love this paper towel holder because I was able to mount it on the wall (you may choose to mount it to the underside of your upper cabinets), and it has a ratchet system that allows for a perfect tear (rather than pulling off way more than you need).


Here they are in my kitchen:

Another gold mine find are these Magma nesting pans. A seven-piece set fits together brilliantly to make a compact, easily-stored bundle. While they have bigger sets for those who need it, this is perfect for the two of us.

Finally, these Command Grippers are a great way to hang your broom and mop so they’re not falling all over the place. We have these hung just inside our door under our key hook.

Side note: The color of the cabinet below is called Deep Breath. How lovely is that name?


Now for a few items that help me run my business efficiently from home.

This portable printer, the Epson Workforce 110, is perfect for my needs. It sits on a small mounted shelf next to my desk, and with no cable needed to print (it prints wirelessly), my work area can stay nice and tidy.

While it seems to be out of stock everywhere (likely due to the increased number of those working remotely), I managed to find a refurbished one on Amazon should you be interested.

How adorable is this baby shredder? It’s the Aurora Cross-Cut Paper Shredder and it’s tucked away under my desk (it’s so small it can sit ON your desk). It is easily accessible to safely destroy any sensitive documents. Given its size, this is a maintenance shredder and not a clear-out-a-roomful-of-old-records shredder!


This portable, clip-on, selfie ring light makes for a much more useful option in a tiny house than the commonly-used large tripod lights. I use this every time I teach a video class, broadcast a Facebook or IG Live, or record a vlog. The flexible neck is genius and you can choose between bright white light or a warm orange glow. I’m obsessed!

I love finding creative solutions and these gems have served me well. I hope this curated list gives you some inspiration on how to maximize your own home!

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  1. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Kerri, love your tiny home and am so impressed of anyone who can be so creative to live in that size space. Great space savers that you pointed out. Just wanted to say thanks for letting us know about the selfie light with the phone holder. Just started using my phone more for meetings and was going to look into high or clip-on holders, but this is a bonus with the light. Thanks. Jackie


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