Writer’s Block Be Gone!

[dc]A[/dc]re you someone who has always longed to write, whether it be for your own personal pleasure, in hopes of being published in a magazine, or a secret desire to be a bestselling author? Do you have random notes in drawers and journals and would love to put them together to see what they could be? With 15 years as an editor and 8 years as a trained coach, I’ll help you to see your resistance as an important collaborative partner and not something that needs to be “pushed through.”

Having worked with many writers over the years, I help clients see that the journey to their goal of being published must include lifestyle and belief shifts, in addition to identifying and developing a writing process. And together, we do just that.

“Kerri gave me hope and practical tools after I thought I had exhausted both in years — more than fifteen years — of half-finished drafts, unrevised stories, tons of classes and writing books. Now I find myself using some of the knowledge I gained from all those years, because Kerri’s philosophy of small steps, self-encouragement and gentleness have finally released my inner saboteur. I almost didn’t call her because I thought I had tried everything, but clearly her coaching is the piece that makes the rest of the puzzle work.”

— Amy L.

How I Work

I do all of my coaching via the telephone – during daytime hours (EST). I speak with my clients either two or three times per month (depending on the chosen plan) for 30 minutes each. In between calls, the support continues via e-mail (as needed). Through their work with me, clients find that they are able to see situations in new and different ways, and together we come up with appropriate action steps to move them in a direction that is aligned with their desires and values.

The main components of coaching that clients really appreciate is the ability to work with a supportive partner – someone who will hold them up when they struggle, and give them a gentle “kick in the behind” when they fall behind. Someone who will help them to set better boundaries so they can honor their needs and self-care. The support and accountability are both key components in anyone’s success.

I invite you to get in touch, get the support you deserve, and start living the life of your dreams!

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