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As a spiritual life coach and writing coach, I love teaming up with people just like you to work toward fulfilling your long-held desires. Taking action toward goals that have as-of-yet seemed out of reach, is heading toward a deeply spiritual life. Through our work together, you’ll become confident, and dare I say, comfortable, in making yourself and your needs a priority, and you’ll see that everyone in your life benefits as a result!

When you live a life that honors your spirit, you’ll find, more often than not, you’ll be having experiences where you feel those excited flips or butterflies in your stomach, or you find yourself smiling — a lot. That, to me, is what it means to be living a spiritual existence — one where your soul is soaring. Now, doesn’t everyone (including YOU) deserve that?

It all starts with a simple step of  getting in touch for a complimentary exploratory chat. You may email me at kerri@kerririchardson.com or call (978) 358-7614. I look forward to hearing from you!


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