#1 Skill to Get Anything Done

As we’d been prepping our house for sale, we were selling items through a virtual yard sale Facebook group. Periodically, I’d scan the site for the ISO posts (in search of) to get an idea of what people were looking for in relation to what we had to sell. One post in particular caught my eye. It read:

“I know this is an odd post for this group, but is anyone planning on listing their house for sale in the near future?”

“Hmm, that’s interesting,” I thought.Brain

The woman went on to briefly describe the type of place she was looking for, and our house ticked a lot of the boxes. For shits and giggles, I sent her a private message.

Fast forward two weeks and we had an offer on the table! Yup, we sold our house on Facebook.

Can you guess what the #1 skill to accomplishing anything is? I’ll give you a hint: It’s starts with “r” and ends with “esourcefulness”.

No matter what’s tripping you up, resourcefulness is what you need to get around it. Challenge yourself to think differently. Like I did by searching ISO posts on the group instead of just listing randomly what we had for sale, don’t settle for your default. Get creative. One way to do that, is to seek out some help.

My favorite resource? The people in my life: Friends, family, coach, therapist. Sometimes you just can’t get out of your own way. If an obstacle is getting the best of you, ask people you trust for ideas on what they would do. It’s much easier for someone who is not up against it to see alternate options, and it’s likely that their default is different from yours.

And speaking of resources, here are some of my favorite virtual resources to help make life a little easier:

Grammar Girl: Not sure whether to use lay or lie? I or me? Grammar Girl to the rescue! While you’re there, check out all the other Quick and Dirty resources, too (I also love Get Fit Guy and Nutrition Diva).

Freecycle: Doing some spring cleaning and have stuff to get rid of? Freecycle proves that one person’s trash really is someone else’s treasure. Find your local group and start posting what you’d like to give away and make someone’s day. And keep things out of the landfills!

Workflowy: This website and app makes it so easy for me to clear my head and organize my thoughts with a simple and intuitive design.

AirBnB: Heading on a trip and looking for a unique and affordable lodging option? Check out AirBnB, where homeowners rent rooms or entire residences for a fraction of the price of a hotel.

Slickdeals: Whatever you’re shopping for, check here first for great deals. But be careful! Scouring the listings can get addicting and could end up buying something just because it’s on sale!

So how will you practice thinking differently? Where can you reach out for help? What are some of your favorite resources? How can you tap into your resourcefulness more? I’d love for you to join the conversation in the comments below!

Until next week, keep taking those small steps to Live Out Loud.

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  1. jasmine
    jasmine says:

    hey kerri, LOVING the resources you are posting. wondering if you could provide a tip on how to find a facebook yardsale in the area (for me 01944) thanks!!!


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