The Time Has Come!

The day has finally come to share that you can pre-order my new book, From Clutter to Clarity!

Due out December 29th, my second book guides you through a deep clean — addressing the source clutter in your life:

  • Fear
  • Doubts
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Toxic Relationships
  • and more.

Through looking at your stacks of paperwork, disorganized bedroom, or draining friends, we exhume the real clutter underneath — the stuff that’s really blocking that trail you want to blaze.

I so desperately want to help you see that anything you want in this life is possible and whatever is in your way is just clutter — and clutter can be cleared.

Is it always easy? No.

But is it possible? Hell yeah!

When you pre-order From Clutter to Clarity, you’re gonna get some awesome bonuses that team up beautifully with the book to help you make some real progress toward living the expansive life that awaits you.

Check these bonuses out:

A seat in my Virtual Book Club
We’ll kick off the new year together — just me and my pre-order peeps — in a cool, virtual book club. Starting in mid-January, we’ll come together on Zoom every week for eight weeks where I’ll offer deeper teaching on each of the chapters in From Clutter to Clarity. At the end, there will be time for Q&A and coaching.

Our Zoom gatherings will be recorded so no worries if you can’t join us live.


My brand new workbook, Your Life Audit. I created this one-of-a-kind workbook to help you get a finger on the pulse of your life as it is now. To get where you want to be, you must know what stands in your way. The exercises you

’ll find in here will help you get clear on the clutter you can focus on as you read From Clutter to Clarity.

You’ll receive this immediately upon registering for the bonuses.


The fan-favorite workbook, The Benefits of Boundaries.

This powerful workbook addresses one of the three common core causes of clutter: The need for boundaries. Through the exercises found within, you’ll learn where your boundaries are shaky and how to set them with confidence and ease. Doing so cleans up so much more clutter than you can imagine!

This, like The Life Audit, is delivered to you immediately upon registering for the bonuses.

In addition to these bonuses (valued at more than $400!), did you know pre-orders really help the author, too?

You probably see authors encouraging you to pre-order books all the time. I thought it might be helpful to explain why.


Pre-ordering tells bookstores that there is an interest, and therefore encourages them to order more copies and give a more prominent placement to the title. As a result, people are more likely to see the book and purchase it.

For me, that means more people can benefit from the work I put out in the world, and when we have more trailblazers living expansive lives among us, the more others are inspired to do the same.

So basically, pre-order my book and you’ll save the world. 😊

To read more about From Clutter to Clarity and to pre-order your copy, please click here:

It’s there where you’ll find links to order your copy and enter your purchase information to get your goodies.

Thank you for your support. I can’t wait to dig in deep to the book with you in our book club.

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  1. Jessica Peek
    Jessica Peek says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I saw your book for pre-order in Amazon and was curious about the bonuses. I will pre-order it. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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