A Proven Antidote to Busyness

As I sit here looking out my window at the river, listening to the birds chirping, and feeling the breeze on my face, I’ve momentarily forgotten about all that needs my attention.

I’ve got loose ends that need tying, taxes to be organized, laundry to be folded, a newsletter to be written, anticipated emails that have yet to arrive, and papers to be filed, and I’m fixated at the view before me.

Some may call this procrastination. I call it refueling. Taking time to be present on this beautiful day is aTake a break. vital part of my to-do list — something that could easily be written off as a low priority; something that may seem wasteful and frivolous. It’s anything but.

Whenever I feel like I can’t possibly take a break, I know that’s when I need it most. To clear my head. To gain some perspective. To reprioritize. To come back to center.

Inevitably, I come back focused and ready to dive in. I make much more progress and I make it more easily. 

These pauses needn’t be long to have a positive effect. Check out some of these ideas:

  • Stand up and stare out the window.
  • Cuddle with your pet.
  • Step outside for a deep breath of fresh air. 
  • Stretch.
  • Get a glass of water.
  • Meditate.
  • Play a favorite song and dance.
  • Run a quick errand.
  • Walk around the block.

If you can spare a little more time, go see a matinee, get a spa treatment, or sit on the beach for an hour or two.

If your initial reaction is anything along the lines of “there’s no way I could do that,” you’re who I’m speaking to here.

To help make breaks a regular part of your world, post a note on your computer that reads, “Break”. Or set a reminder on your phone to go off once a day at a time when you’re likely to feel overwhelmed.

Not only do breaks help you come back more focused, but they also keep your resistant, younger self on board with your dreams and vision. When you let her play often, she’ll fight you less.

I’m off to the beach for a couple of hours to enjoy this unseasonably warm day. What break will you take today?

Until we meet again, keeping taking those steps to Live Out Loud.




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