The Power POM is Your Key to Getting Sh*t Done

Every Monday in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life, we come together on Zoom and plan our most productive weeks.

Are You Making Up Lies Again?

Melissa and I are trying to squeeze in as many beach days as possible before the end of summer.

How Are You with “Good Enough”?

I was an English/Communications major in college, and as such, I was required to take some literature courses.

Yes, There Are Enough Hours in the Day

How often have you found yourself exasperated at night thinking, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day?” Though people…

Procrastinating? The Reason Might Surprise You

I had an MRI this morning for a knee injury that isn’t healing as it should. When I headed downstairs to leave (stairs…

What Is Your Why?

I HAD a doctor’s appointment today – the first one I’ve had locally since I moved a year ago. I knew it…

Time Is On Your Side

Once a month, a group of us, which I lovingly refer to as “The Chew Crew,” get together for dinner. It’s our commitment to each…

Ask the Coach — Week 12

This is the column where, each week, I’ll be answering one website visitor’s question in hopes of supporting…