I’ve Got Some Clutter Creep Going On Over Here

Since moving from our tiny house to this big house (if you consider 1,000 sq ft “big”), I’ve gotten a little too trigger happy on the “Order Now” button.

Could Your Life Use Some Editing?

One of the most challenging parts of writing a book is the editing process. Gathering notes, ideas, and stories is kind of fun, especially when you just throw them on a page with no worries about order or chapters

The Power of Positive Relationships

I love being an aunt. I’ve never wanted children of my own, but being an aunt is one of my most favorite roles.

The Power POM is Your Key to Getting Sh*t Done

Every Monday in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life, we come together on Zoom and plan our most productive weeks.

Are You All Work and No Play

I was in my office on Tuesday morning when Melissa pops her head in and simply says, “Beach?”

It’s Time to Get Curious

Six weeks ago, I began holding weekly planning sessions in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life, 

I’m Not Ready to Make Nice

Last Saturday morning, Melissa and I were sitting outside of our favorite bagel shop having breakfast when a woman at a nearby…

Are You Fighting Off Election Fatigue?

Tuesday was election day here in the United States and, at the time of this writing, the race is still undecided (to be expected…

Lessons From An Empty Gas Tank

While driving to a meeting, I notice my gas gauge is low. My range indicator shows I have just two miles to go before empty.…

An Unexpected Gift From Some Hackers

I’ve recently become a hacker magnet and I’m surprised by what it shined a light on for me.
A couple of weeks…