Hopefully This Conversation Gets Less and Less Necessary

Although I finished watching the TV series, Schitt’s Creek, months ago, I’m still obsessed with it.

Don’t Be Surprised When Your Opinion Changes

As we were packing for our move, we were incredibly discriminating about what items we’d bring with us and which ones we no longer loved, needed, or used.

How to Hate Change Just a Little Less

Melissa and I just completed our move from Massachusetts to Maine and it’s been a process filled with surprising thoughts and emotions.

Fear + Excitement = Winning Combo

A COUPLE years ago, Melissa and I were walking through a village in Belize on our way to breakfast. While talking about where…

Strength in Vulnerability

A couple of weeks ago, my mother took a pretty bad fall down a flight of stairs. Miraculously, she walked away from the accident…

Asking for Help: A Challenge

I’ve got a lot going on in my life right now. Exciting changes are afoot in both my business and my personal life, and…