Become a Powerful Steward for Wealth

Paperwork clutter is such an energy vampire. It can make us feel powerless and so overwhelmed that we don’t know where to begin.

But I promise you that needn’t be the case. Like any other blocks, when you approach it one small step at a time, you will feel relieved just by getting started. Success is in the action, not the outcome.

Kathy, a trailblazer in my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life, had been avoiding her tax paperwork for a long time. She believed her tax return was a simple one and so put it on the back burner year after year only to slip 14 years behind.

As I coached the community through paperwork and home office clearing, Kathy mustered up the courage to visit an accountant to get all of her tax situations sorted out. And this year, she is filing her taxes on time!

Kathy is so relieved to have handled this! She took her power back from her paperwork, opened up channels to allow abundance in all of its forms to flow in, and by putting action behind her intention in this area of her life, she has become a strong steward of wealth.

“This decluttering feels like I’m reclaiming my life!”

We’re only in the middle of the month and my trailblazers in the Clutter Clear Your Life membership are progressing brilliantly through February’s hotspot of paperwork/home office.

This is just one area of the clutter-clearing extravaganza I’m running in my secret society of trailblazers – Clutter Clear Your Life and it’s been awesome to see the moves the members are making!

So what action will you take today to make progress on your paperwork? To get ready for tax season? To show the universe you are ready for abundance? Let me know in the comments below!

One suggestion: Join us in Clutter Clear Your Life if you haven’t already. I’m teaching a mini-webinar TODAY on the messages in paperwork clutter and sharing tips and strategies for getting the ball rolling and staying the course.

Sign up for your membership here.

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