May I Have This Dance?

HAVE YOU EVER walked into a room and felt like things were a bit weird? That something was off?

While some people are more sensitive than others, we can all feel energy to some degree. You might get a bad feeling off someone, sense that a storm is brewing, or know that a person is mad even before he or she speaks.

The whole world is one big energetic conversation, and what you put out is what you get back. As such, you can use this force for good. In fact, it can be a powerful partner to help you get shit done.

All it takes to tap into this energy is action. It doesn’t even need to be anything huge or earth-shattering. When you put action behind your intention, it’s as if supportive energy begins to swirl around you, speeding up your progress. You’ve now invited your spiritual team in by showing them you’re done with lip service and you mean business.

When you let this support in, you become part of a universal dance where things get rolling. It’s that feeling you have when you’re “in the flow.” This is when coincidences happen, or something you thought was going to be challenging ends up getting handled much more easily.

To keep things going, the energy must be able to move freely about. If it crashes into any type of clutter, it gets stuck, and that’s when frustration sets in, resistance rears its head, or hopelessness takes hold.

Think of it like acupuncture — a treatment that opens up the blocked meridians in your body to allow your life force to flow resulting in decreased pain, elimination of illness, or more clarity. You want the energetic channels of your life to be open for movement.

To spend more time in the flow and less time blocked, use the following techniques:

  • Do a clutter inventory. What are blocking your success channels? Are there bills to be paid? Clothes to be put away? Boundaries to be set? Negative inner chatter that needs some love? Spend 15 minutes tending to some clutter and you’ll not only begin to clear some pathways, but you’ll also stir up stale energy. The universe loves flowing energy!
  • Identify one small step you can take immediately that pertains directly to your goal. If you find yourself resistant to do it, the step is likely too big. Break it down. Ask yourself, “What is one small action I can take toward that step?” Keep asking this question until you’ve come up with a step that feels easy to do.
  • If you struggle to come up with a step, continue to fall back on clutter clearing. This act will always benefit your progress. A little tweak here, a little clean-up there and you’ll create more space in which inspiration and abundance can travel.

You are now tangoing with the universe. You take a step, it takes a step, you take a step, it takes a step. Sometimes you’ll be leading, other times you’ll follow. The goal is to keep your spiritual team engaged and allow them to work their magic.

Help them to help you. Every day you have a choice of whether things will be easy or hard. Set your sights on the positive and the positive will be what’s in focus.

So how will you get some energy moving today? Chat with me in the comments below.

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  1. Carol
    Carol says:

    I’ve noticed quite a few joys in my day already!
    While taking my morning walk, I intently listened to the songs the birds were singing, stopped to drop off 12 hard backed books at the neighbors little library, and thoughtfully chose one paperback to take home.
    Eliminating dairy, sugar, and meat from my diet is making me feel lighter, more energized!
    Gathering more items to donate and emailing friends to see if they might like any of them. Putting more things into the recycle bin today, and already started another book bag to drop off tomorrow on my walk.
    Writing down 5 positive things about my husband and daughter each day~ doing this in the AM to set a positive tone. It’s only day #2 and today I received a love note, a hug and kiss, and a prayer for “us to learn to communicate our needs to one another” from my husband this morning!
    As I shift towards the positive more positive things come into my life!! Feeling very blessed!

    • Kerri
      Kerri says:

      Wow, Carol! You are doing so much to keep those channels out and receptive. I love all the gifts you’ve received already — in just 2 days. The energetic convo is powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing and keep at it!!

  2. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I have been taking daily steps to open up spaces in my home. Some days, I see a dramatic change in my space and some other days, it is just a small space. Lately, I was feeling a bit stuck with my living room so I decided to look for some ideas in the internet, found some you tube videos to organize toys and started to break down the whole area. I did a bit here, a little bit there and spaces has been showing up just like magic. There is still a lot more work to do, but it is getting much, much better. Yesterday, I dropped a bag of clothes at The Salvation Army. The main clutter I have are: Paper, Clothes and Toys. The paper and the clothes have been handled already. The toy situation is getting better. I have been saying “no” to requests than in other times would have been “sure, no problem, I’ll do it”, while the other person spends hours in unproductive activities, I am killing myself trying to fit everything on my daily schedule. Pushing back feels good. Gaining awareness is fantastic! Feeling good and motivated so far!

    • Kerri
      Kerri says:

      Wow, Jessica! Good stuff! I love how you are not only handling your physical clutter, but you are also practicing being present with your feelings and thoughts around it, too. That’s the winning combination! Keep going!


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