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With so many of us staying home to help flatten the curve of the Coronavirus, this is a perfect chance to get rid of clutter! Let’s make some space for all the abundance and opportunities that are waiting to pour in for you.

To help you do that, I am opening up my private, member monthly Q&A call to anyone and everyone.

Free. of. Charge.

That’s right. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No cost.

This is a one-hour monthly session where I provide my trailblazers with coaching, clutter readings (you tell me what clutter is giving you the most grief and I’ll tell you what’s really going on!), and answers to any and all questions. No topic is off limits!

Maybe you:

  • Are so overwhelmed by paperwork that you don’t know where to begin.
  • Are tired of procrastinating on the changes you want to make in your life or the goals you want to go after and could use help figuring out what’s really stopping you.
  • Need with the language to use when asking for your needs to be met or to let someone in your life know that their behavior is not ok.
  • Want so desperately to grow your business but can’t figure out what to focus on
  • Are curious what it’s like to live in a tiny house with a small inventory of belongings (that’s what I do!)

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. We got you.

In my membership community, Clutter Clear Your Life, trailblazers support, celebrate, and encourage each other as you take exciting and scary steps toward living your very best life. It’s a magical group of spiritual warriors who are doing amazing things.

I hope you’ll come along on Thursday, March 19th at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT for our March Member Q&A.

You can submit your question in advance, join me live and ask in person, or even come on video for a quick coaching hot seat! Whatever you choose, I guarantee you’ll leave with a whole new perspective about clutter, along with action steps you can take right away to get things rolling!

To get the meeting details, enter your information below, and I’ll see you on Thursday.

Join Us!