Make Play a Priority

Mother Nature welcomed in the New Year by gracing us with two feet of snow. As I sit in my office watching it pile up outside, the little kid in me is itching to go play. Then the adult chimes in and interrupts. “It’s freezing out there. I can’t go outside. I’d have to get all bundled up, and shovel the stairs and walkway just to get to the road.”

And the debate goes on…

“But I really want to take some pictures before it’s all yucky and dirty from sand and plows!”

“Let’s wait until the driveway is cleared. We can take pictures on our way to the gym or when we do some errands.”

“No! I want to walk and play in it, too. Even for just a couple of minutes!”

“Fine. Let’s just finish what we’re doing here and then we can go.”

“No! Now!!”

Sound familiar to you? Isn’t it incredible how our inner dialogue can sound just like a parent and a child? It’s so important to let that kiddo have a say and not think of it as “giving in” to her. It’s not a contest or a tug of war. Her strong desire to play is a vital ingredient to a life lived out loud. So play more I shall!

So I bundled up, shoveled the walkway, and headed out. You’ll see here that the debate continued still:

Consider this: Whatever goals, intentions, or resolutions you set, you’re much more likely to succeed when you make play part of your action steps.

So how will you play more in the New Year? Please join the conversation in the comments below!

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  1. Rakale
    Rakale says:

    In the new year I’m committed to doing more things that feel like fun! I took up swimming lessons! Had my first lesson Saturday and a part from her making me stick my head in the water it was fun lol…. and I hired a piano teacher to advance my budding skills since I really enjoy playing. Woot Woot!


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