Let It Flow

My office feels incredible this morning! The energy is flowing, the air is clear, and life is good!

Yesterday, I dedicated a good portion of the night to cleaning out my filing cabinet. I went through past client files and statements and piled up notes, documents, and details no longer relevant or needed. I ceremoniously released that history through burning the pages in my fireplace and offering blessings to the clients, creditors, and anyone else affiliated with the experiences. I wished them well as I sent them on their way and offered them love and abundance as they continue their journeys. I now have only current and relevant items in the cabinet and open file folders inviting more incredible people to partner with me as they learn and grow.

I also rearranged the desk in my office, so now, instead of having a window to my right to glance out of, it is right here in front of me so I can even more easily look out at the gorgeous field across the street. By turning my L-shaped desk in this new way, I’ve also opened up the energy flow track from the door. Before, it would get abruptly stopped by my desk and all the necessary cords and wires from computers, modems, and printers. Now I can feel it swirling in easily and gently encircling me and my work space.

Today, after clients, writing, and some other work, I plan on organizing the closet more effectively, re-configuring an outlet so it’s controlled by the light switch, and smudging my office as the final touches to this magnificent space. What a way to start the new decade!

While these projects are on the bigger side, it’s so good to remember that even the smallest attention to the smallest of details gets the energy flowing better in my world. So, what needs your attention? What’s one, small thing you can do right now to address it? Well, what are you waiting for? :-)