Learning To Love the In-Between

IT TAKES COURAGE to go after your dreams.

And to keep at it.

When you start making moves and feeling the rush of progress, you might find yourself stalling. Maybe you’re afraid of change or of what others might think. Perhaps the idea of succeeding terrifies you.

Step away from what you know, even if it’s someplace you say you no longer want to be, and things can get shaky.

When you find yourself in that “zone of in-between” — not where you were, but not yet where you want to be — it can be tempting to go back to what’s familiar.

You know how to be that person.

You’re just learning how to be this person.

Because it’s scary to risk and anticipate facing challenges that may come down the pike, make reassurance a consistent part of your action plan. When you feel shaky, give yourself a pep talk.

Sounds simplistic, but it’s pretty damn powerful.

The one who is afraid is a young part of you who needs to be reminded that you’ll take care of her. That you’ll make sure she’s safe. When you address her concerns, even briefly, you give her peace of mind which translates into self-confidence.

Despite the common expression, it’s actually not possible to fear the unknown. How can you fear something you don’t know? You don’t know what “it” is so how can you be afraid of it?

It is literally impossible.

What you’re really afraid of is your inability to handle the unknown.

Now this gives you something to sink your teeth into. Since the real fear is you not having what it takes to succeed, you now know what you need to work on.

Clean up this mental clutter by proving it wrong. Remind yourself of times when you faced a challenge and came out the other side.

Maybe you were laid off from a job, overcame a health issue, ended or reconciled a relationship, or lost someone close to you.

What tools did you use and whom did you lean on for support? How did you use your stumbling blocks as stepping stones?

Doing this kind of review reminds you how resourceful and capable you are, and begins to chip away at the negative belief that you can’t handle obstacles or adversity.

Besides, this zone of in-between is where all the magic happens. Unfamiliar territory forces you to be present, and when you’re present, you’re able to see so many more possibilities than when you were in your old life, operating on autopilot.

This is where you find the dreams that the universe has for you — and they’re always bigger than the ones you’ve come up with. Sure, your goals are great, but the universe’s plans for you are even greater. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those, now would you?

So sit in the discomfort even if it feels scary or lonely or uncertain. Look around. Search for the excitement in it. The learning. The opportunities. They’re all around you.

And when you feel like you want to run, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and remind your Little One that all is well. Your happiness is worth it.

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