Get Off the Hamster Wheel

As I write this post, I see a sticky note on my computer in my peripheral vision. It reads, “Miracles don’t happen unless you do something.” It’s my reminder to consistently take action toward what I say I want in my life.

It’s a lovely intention, but not one I always abide by. Each day I have to remember to schedule time in my life for those action steps because the days can get away from me so easily.

I’m not much of a planner. I tend to take things as they come, only thinking about the next event, item, commitment, or deadline. hamster

While it’s nice to be more present and not waste time focusing on the future, the lack of planning often puts my dreams on the back burner, particularly when many things come at once.

Right now, for instance, I have a lot of immediate things that are calling for my attention: family members’ various health situations, baby showers, weddings, client needs, program launches, etc.

To maintain my sanity, I look at my calendar to see what the very next commitment is and deal only with that, telling myself that the bigger picture stuff will be tended to once my days are more clear.

However, days are rarely, if ever, “clear”. No matter how busy I am or feel I am (because, let’s face it, sometimes our heads feel busier than we actually are), my hopes and desires must remain at or near the top of my priority list. When they do, I show up happier and more authentically to those life events.

As a client and I were talking about this week, it helps to plan tomorrow, today. That’s why I keep a notepad on my nightstand and, before I go to sleep, I jot down what steps I’ll take the next day to move my life forward.

If you tend to get swept up in the demands of life, I encourage you to try the same. Before bed, write down three to five action steps you’ll take tomorrow to clear some of your plate and move in the direction of your dreams.

Wanna take the commitment a step further? List some action steps in the comments in below. I double dog dare ya.

Until next week, keep taking those small steps to Live Out Loud.

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