This week I’m sharing some recent podcast episodes that I joined as a guest where we explored the various ways clutter plays a role in your life — some expected, some definitely not.

Let’s Play! The C.R.E.A.T.E Podcast
Talking with Kristin and Natalie was so fun! It felt like three friends hanging out and chatting. Have a listen to this fun, 40-minute episode as we dive into areas of clutter not before broached!

ThePurposeLab Podcast with Dr. DF Arnold
My conversation with Dr. DF went deep fast! With clutter gently framing the conversation, we talked about pursuing your passion, the benefits of fear, and lots more.

Enlightened Empaths Podcast
This was my second visit with Denise and Samantha on their podcast and this, too, felt like three friends reconnecting over inspiring conversations around hopes and dreams.

Inspired Conversations with Linda Joy
I was thrilled to join Linda on her podcast devoted to lifting women’s voices. Linda’s show is dedicated to bringing you intimate, authentic conversations with leading visionary women in personal and spiritual development, and it was a “joy” to talk with her.

I hope you get lots of nuggets that keep you inspired and curious about your clutter!