Are You Focusing on the Golf Balls or the Sand?

A couple months back, I wrote to you about the planning/Power POM session we do in my membership community every week.

You can read that letter here:

To further highlight the power of this process, I’m sharing one of my inspirations below. It’s a classic story where a professor reminds the students of the importance of priorities. Click below to view it:

So I ask you — are you focusing on the golf balls or the sand?

And if you’re spending more time on the sand, what’s stopping you from putting more attention on the golf balls? Because whatever that is, is clutter.

Finally, if you could use some support with removing the clutter from your calendar and make progress on the things that really matter, join this secret society of trailblazers here:

P.S. It’s time to make your life and happiness a priority.

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