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About the Book

In Kerri Richardson’s new book From Clutter to Clarity: Clean Up Your Mindset to Clear Out Your Clutter, due out December 29, 2020, she guides you through a journey as you sort and clear your old thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors as a unique yet proven way to clear physical clutter.

By dealing with the root causes of your stubborn stacks and piles, you’ll not only reclaim space in your home and life, but also gain clarity to help you heal blocks you’ve struggled with for a long time — blocks that are stopping you from living the full, rich life you desire.

Perfectionism, procrastination, outdated beliefs, inner critic messages, and more are some of the biggest causes, and it’s these that Richardson unpacks for you.

Through client and student examples as well as anecdotes from Richardson’s own life, you’ll see the impact of starting the clear out of stubborn clutter in your mind and soul instead of in drawers and closets.

When you do, you’ll be stunned to find how much easier it is to let go of the physical items that have plagued you for so long.

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BONUS GIFT #1: Workbook: Your Life Audit
I created this one-of-a-kind workbook to help you get a finger on the pulse of your life as it is now. To get where you want to be, you must know what stands in your way. The exercises you’ll find in here will help you get clear on the clutter you can focus on as you read From Clutter to Clarity.

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BONUS GIFT #2: Workbook: The Benefits of Boundaries

This powerful workbook addresses one of the three common core causes of clutter: The need for boundaries. Through the exercises found within, you’ll learn where your boundaries are shaky and how to set them with confidence and ease. Doing so cleans up so much more clutter than you can imagine!

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About Kerri

Kerri Richardson is a lifestyle designer, trained coach, and the bestselling author of What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You and her latest book, From Clutter to Clarity.

Over more than 17 years, she has worked with thousands of people teaching them how to use their blocks and obstacles as stepping stones on the way to living their best lives.

Through her groundbreaking clutter readings, Richardson has the unique ability to home in on the real reason why you struggle to let go of physical and emotional clutter so you can use this knowledge to heal areas of your life you’ve likely struggled with for a long time.

Kerri offers private coaching, online courses, and hosts an international online
membership community at

Kerri lives with her wife and two cats in New England in a 240-square foot tiny house.

Praise for From Clutter to Clarity

“Phenomenal is an understatement! In From Clutter to Clarity, Kerri takes you on a fun and fascinating journey behind the thoughts, things, and people who are cluttering your ability to renew, heal, and create reserves of energy and peace in your life. If you’re ready to accelerate opening up untapped potential buy this smart and no-nonsense book!”

Janine Driver, New York Times bestselling author of You Say More Than You Think & CEO of the Body Language Institute

“Having long agreed with the German saying that ‘order is half of life, ‘ this brilliantly insightful book will help anyone see that the tigers of clutter are only paper, dispense with the drama, and find true peace in all of its manifestations.

Mike Dooley, New York Times best-selling author of Infinite Possibilities

“Kerri Richardson brilliantly bridges the gap between physical clutter and the flow of energy in our lives. With quick, easy and approachable exercises, one begins to understand that our soul truly needs clarity to live the fullest life. What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You is a gentle reminder to be conscious of choices and mindful of our surroundings.”

Dougall Fraser, author of Your Life In Color, Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Color

“Get out your highlighter! Kerri’s book will inspire and motivate you to make gigantic steps forward by addressing your clutter. When you change your clutter, you transform your life. With a depth of wisdom and practical, easy-to-understand tenets, From Clutter to Clarity will take you on a profound journey of inner exploration. Highly recommended!”

Denise Linn, bestselling author of Feng Shui for the Soul


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