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How would you like to captivate, inspire, and motivate audiences? Sounds pretty cool, eh?

Many writers speak, and many speakers write. Speaking is a powerful way to not only inspire the masses, but also to build a platform and a following. In honor of that, this month’s writer’s teleclass topic is Creating Powerful Presentations and Building a Speaking Career!

We’ll be covering lots of areas, including:

  • How to find speaking opportunities
  • How to package your information
  • How to best connect with your audience
  • How to leave them feeling satisfied, yet still hungry for more
  • How to keep them engaged and present
  • And more!

As always, there will be time for questions and the opportunity for some on-the-spot coaching.

I hope you’ll join us, from the comfort of your own home and telephone, on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 from 8-9 PM EST.

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  1. Diana Hoppe
    Diana Hoppe says:

    I would love to participate but will not be available between 5-6 pm PST ( 8EST – 9 pm EST).
    Will it be archived? Can I purchase the presentation? Thanks! – Diana

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