Enough Is Enough

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I can always tell when I’ve let my boundaries slip. I get pissy, irritable, annoyed by any small request that comes my way. It’s a sure sign that I’m close to depletion and am giving out of guilt or obligation. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be), I’ve had enough practice to recognize this sooner rather than later.

In all my years of coaching, a consistent theme runs through my work with each and every client — boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.

“The guy I hired isn’t delivering anything close to the quality he promised.”

“My friend calls me every day complaining about her job, her boyfriend, her mother. I feel bad if I’m not there for her, but I’m exhausted once we hang up the phone.”

“I’m doing everything in my power to be Super Mom. I joined the PTO, I organize the soccer team’s carpool schedule, I sit for hours each night helping my kids with their homework. I know I’m doing a good job, but I get snappy and irritable so easily that I then feel like a bad mother.”

And the list goes on and on.

Do you ever feel taken advantage of or disrespected? Do you feel depleted after spending time with certain people? Has someone in your life behaved in a way that hurt or angered you? It’s time to draw your line in the sand and put your soul care first!

Join me for my monthly teleclass Wednesday, Sept. 29, from 8-9 PM ET from the comfort of your own home. On this month’s call, Setting Boundaries and Handling Difficult Conversations, we’ll be covering lots of areas, including:

  • Working through your emotions around the situation
  • Determining your intention in setting the boundary
  • Evaluating the relationship with the boundary crosser
  • Firm, yet gracious language to use when setting a boundary
  • The importance of following up your boundary with action
  • And more!

As always, there will be time allotted for Q&A, and on-the-spot laser coaching.

If you’re not able to make it to the live call, a down-loadable recording will also be available for purchase. You can find that on the calendar page by the end of the week.

Please note: Registration is non-refundable. Please double-check the date and time to be sure you can attend.

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