Dear Coach

Welcome to Ask The Coach! (I feel like I need theme music!) This is a place where I address some of your specific coaching questions in a weekly column. Whether you’re curious about the coaching process itself, or are up against something in your life where you could use some support, simply click here to send an email, and each week, I’ll select one to answer.*

A new question and answer is posted every Thursday, and real names will never be used. If you’d like, you can even come up with a playful signature, like, “Discouraged in Dallas”! 🙂

When submitting a question, please remember:

  • Be specific. Make sure your question is clearly stated to prevent any interpretation being needed. That way, you’ll be sure to have your specific need addressed.
  • Keep it under 150 words. Any emails longer than the specified limit will be ineligible for selection.
  • You only need to send your question once. While only one of the emails sent in a specific week will be answered, I’ll be keeping eligible emails for possible use in future columns. Be sure to keep checking back each week, not only to see if yours was selected, but to also check out the one that was. Chances are each week’s question can pertain to your life in some way!
  • Only emails selected for publication will be answered. Due to the volume received, I am only able to answer the weekly selected question.

Again, simply click here to send an email, and your question could be chosen!

I look forward to connecting with and supporting you.

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