You Might Be Closer Than You Think

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Several years ago, when Melissa and I were in Belize, we decided to go zip lining through the jungle — something I thought I’d never have the guts to do (it was amazing!).

When we were done, the guide told us of a challenging hike that started just across the street and had some pretty awesome views and swimming holes.

So off we went to continue our adventure-filled day.

As we maneuvered through the flora and fauna, the climb got steeper and steeper. We did come across some breathtaking views and a couple small swimming areas.

We climbed on.

At one point the trail had gotten so precipitous that there was a rope along the side to hoist yourself up the near-vertical incline step by step.

We were both exhausted and a bit concerned about how late in the day it was getting.

“Maybe we saw all the views,” I said. “I think we accomplished our mission.”

“Let’s go just a bit further,” Melissa said, “and see what’s around the next bend. Then we’ll start our descent.”

With a surrendering nod of my head, I agreed.

We crawled (literally!) and climbed up the trail, and when we turned the corner we were greeted by the most magical scene: A gushing waterfall pouring into a huge swimming hole. (Yup! That’s me in that picture).

The water was crystal clear; we could see straight to the bottom. And with it being incredibly hot and humid on our hike, we couldn’t wait to dive in.

“I can’t believe we have this place to ourselves,” I shouted to Melissa from the waterfall.

“I know, right?” she said. “I’m so glad we kept going!”

Listen, I really wanted to throw in the towel once I saw that rope. But that rope being there told me there was something worth continuing on for.

Sometimes you just can’t know how close you are to something magnificent, amiright?

If what you’re working toward in your life still matters to you, keep going, even if things feel tough and you can only take a micro-step. With each one you take you’ll not only get closer and closer, but you’ll also get clearer and clearer on how much of a priority the goal still is in your life.

If ever you doubt your progress or purpose, maybe look around for signs to keep going like the rope was for me.

Hmm, maybe this post is your sign. 😊

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