Are you sick of your clutter staring you down, taunting you from the corners and closets?

Do you tell yourself repeatedly that you need to make time to sort and clear it but never do?

Psst… I know why you never do.

It’s because there’s more going on with your clutter than you think, and in my free, 5-day challenge, you’ll practice hearing the whispers in the stacks so you can learn the lesson and let them go.

I am passionate about helping people like you remove the shame that often accompanies any amount of clutter and replace it with curiosity and compassion.

By doing so, you not only learn to treat yourself more kindly, but you lessen any fear and boost your self-trust big time — and those are KEY components to living a life you love in a space you love.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well, that’s what we found in the 5-day challenge we just concluded. It was absolutely amazing!

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>> Want to spend time with trailblazers who are clearing out whatever they’re done with — thoughts, things, or relationships — using curiosity, love, and compassion instead of shame and self-deprecation

Check out my Clutter Clear Your Life Membership! 

Your Instructor

Kerri Richardson picture

Hey there! I’m Kerri and I’m a lifestyle designer, trained coach, and author of The Wall Street Journal bestselling book What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You and my newest book, From Clutter to Clarity. I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world, helping them identify and eliminate their clutter, revamping their mindsets, and challenging them to play bigger, shatter expectations, and fulfill their vision.

I live in beautiful New England with my wife and two cats. When not planning our next adventure, you’ll find us at the beach, hiking through the woods, or doing donation runs. 🙂 

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