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Retreat: From Clutter to Clarity: A Groundbreaking Approach for Spiritual Decluttering

Start date: March 27, 2020

End date: March 29, 2020

Location: Boone, NC

Retreat: From Clutter to Clarity: A Groundbreaking Approach for Spiritual Decluttering

Join Kerri for a dynamic retreat at The Art of Living Center in Boone, NC! During this interactive, shame-free, and supportive weekend, you will learn to see clutter as anything that is blocking you from living your best life possible and how to change your relationship with it so it becomes a powerful tool for transformation. Imagine the possibilities! Through powerful exercises, you will gain new perspectives and effective tools for clearing the weight off your wings to soar high! You’ll leave with a new sense of clarity, practical strategies, and mind-blowing perspective shifts to help you declutter with ease so you can finally make those moves toward your ideal life! You can register and view additional details here.

Sail With Spirit: Seminar at Sea

Start date: August 28, 2020

End date: September 4, 2020

Location: Alaska

Sail With Spirit: Seminar at Sea

I am really excited to invite you to sail to Alaska with me and an amazing lineup of some of the most respected spiritual teachers, healers, and mediums on the planet. The Sail with Spirit and Seminar-at-Sea takes place right on a luxury cruise ship during our seven-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls in Alaska. I’ll be doing a live talk on Spiritual Decluttering, offering private clutter readings, and lots more. Maybe we can even do some fun excursions together! Register here!


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