These Buster Breakthroughs Are Blowin’ My Mind!

It seems no matter how long I work with clients and students on discovering the role clutter plays in their lives, I’m still blown away when I see someone “get it.” 

I currently have two Clutter Buster courses running right now — CB 1.0 and CB 2.0.

CB 1.0 is my introductory course where I teach my unique approach to clutter clearing: how I define clutter, how to begin to excavate the message in the mess, and how to use your stuff as a powerful tool for self-transformation.

CB 2.0, offered only to graduates of CB 1.0, is a longer, more involved course where we dive deep into the common, underlying causes of clutter (boundaries, beliefs, and unrealistic expectations) and do important foundational healing work in our weekly exercises.

As I watch both groups commit to the process, I have the privilege of witnessing their lives unfold in astounding ways.

Check out some of the insights they’re having. And this is why I believe so deeply in the power of befriending your clutter!

  • One student realized she avoided sorting paperwork because she was taught handling bills is “a man’s job.”
  • By tuning in to the effect her environment has on her, one student personalized her work space with decor and colors that make her smile and now feels inspired and more productive!
  • Another student is working on tidying up her financial records and was pleasantly surprised to receive an unexpected payment in her PayPal account. Coincidence? I think not!
  • One set a boundary with his father, was thrilled at how well it was received, and now feels closer to him than ever before.
  • As one student worked on deleting old emails, it became clear to her that she is no longer interested in doing the same kind of work she’s been doing. Now she understands why she was putting off the job hunt.

Pretty powerful when you uncover the message in the mess, eh? And one of the greatest things about the transformative power of clutter is that you only need to get started to begin to feel the effects.

I wish you space and clarity,


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