break the clutter shackles

Group Coaching Intensive!

[dc]H[/dc]ow would you like to be supported, challenged, and held accountable by a coach and a group of like-minded folks?

Fifty courageous folks signed up and completed my recent Clear Your Clutter Teleseries, and, boy, did some shifts happen — way more than people were expecting! (The class is now available for purchase as a download. For more information, click here.)

It’s important to note: “Clutter” is anything that is getting in the way of your dreams. My clients are often surprised to learn how much more there is to clutter than just “stuff”, and how far its effects reach. Physical clutter can be a security blanket, an excuse for not living out loud, or a boundary you’re afraid to set. Emotional clutter can keep an ideal relationship at bay, leave you stuck at a dead-end job, and compromise your health. Spiritual clutter is like a bunch of cling-ons weighing you down and making it a struggle to move forward in life.

NOTE: Although the current group is full and rolling, you can email me to let me know you’re interested in a future group and I’ll keep you in the loop on future starts. 

break the clutter shackles

The time is now.

This program, designed for a small group of people who are really ready to commit to changing their lives, will challenge you, excite you, and get things moving.

If you’re looking for suggestions on where to buy baskets and buckets for organizing, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with your clutter and how it’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Welcome.

No more lip service. No more excuses. It’s time for action.

In this new program, we’ll be taking the clutter conversation to places you never imagined it could go. You’ll finally understand:

  • why this clutter is in your life,
  • how it’s serving you (yes, you read that right), and
  • how to finally make peace with it and say “adios”!

Through on-the-spot Laser Coaching and the support of an equally-committed group, you’ll get individualized attention and have the opportunity to support others.

If you’re ready to dig in deep and create some amazing, lasting moves, this will
Rock. Your. World.

During my four-week Clear Your Clutter telecourse, I witnessed some incredible courage, vulnerability, and “a-ha”s in the participants. By challenging themselves to face their clutter head-on, whether it was physical, emotional, or spiritual, many got an almost immediate response from the Universe. Our private Facebook group has kept the dance going for several students, and now it’s time to kick things up a notch — for them and for you. And you don’t even have to have taken the telecourse!

My group coaching, like teleclasses, is held over the phone, but that’s where the similarities end. A teleclass is similar to attending a seminar, virtually, where I teach on a particular topic. Group coaching is an incredibly powerful dynamic that relies heavily on the participation of the group. Within the group coaching structure, I facilitate the conversation and the group members play a significant role in the flow. Each person has the opportunity to check in, share challenges and successes, and get some coaching from me and support and suggestions from the group. It’s this collective energy that will propel you to really live out loud. If that feels scary, chances are this is just what you need!

This group is limited to only 9 people, so I wouldn’t wait if I were you…

Here are the nuts and bolts of this exciting, three-month program:

  • The launching pad for the conversations and coaching will be the topic of clutter (all kinds), but we’ll go far beyond that.
  • Each month (May, June, and July), we’ll meet on the phone for two, 90-minute calls (every other week) — for a total of 9 hours of group coaching support.
  • You’ll also have access to ongoing support in a private facebook group, and are encouraged to use it regularly to continue the learning and unearthing.
  • You must commit to all three months, and do your absolute best to show up to each and every call, prepared to contribute.
  • Cost for the entire programJust $495. (That’s a savings of more than $2,500 for the same amount of private coaching!)

If you feel ready to stop talking and start acting, join me!

Below is the schedule of calls, all Wednesdays, at 10 AM ET:

May 2 and 16
June 6 and 20
July 11 and 25

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Oh, this is gonna be good…


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